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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Land Me..!!

Life is like a box of chocolates
Lame Excuses aint to lift me

Lonely drifts of life wouldnt surpass
Limitations of this galaxy & beyond

Lasting feelings blatently deny
Listed times wouldnt bear this dream

Life & beyond seems a repetition
Labrynth sounds this vocab & semantics

Lasting feelings blowin napthalene
Laden beliefs wouldnt play a scream

List the things dat youve done rite
Lift me up & prove death I'm god.

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


At Life I wouldn't portray a Sacrifice
D world wouldn't pray one damn bit can dey

Least souls playing d surface of nutrition
Narrowness shouldn't ever sing d plan of infinity

Hard 2 decipher this quartet may think most truly
Laden with glitterati sounds lame enough

Writin epithets were a thing of the past
Blaring cannisters blind the truth and so

Trespassers luv the adrenaline that laughters gotta offer
Celebrations and joys still last 2 forgive

Land this one on me and surrogate
Sense was a thing of the past but audacity holds the key.!

Ajay Padattil