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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rotation… Should it be.?!

What is the earth rotated the other way.?! Would the magnetic field dar rules the entire universe stop just to say hello.??! Would the whole concept of interplanetary existence go to the dogs…!? Or tyrants.?! …
Questions that foxed the entire sanity of mankind forever and now.! Does sound like a real time irony.. I don’t even know if dat was grammatically right.. but yea wots grammar got to do wid all this.?! Sumthing… not everything … Id still stick to one whole concept dat even if it rotates the way it did now… ders always the brighter side of life.
Aint deviating form the topic dat we started out here… wot if the rotation was the whole other way round.?! Hey… u could interrupt me whenever u want… monologues sucks I must say.!!! Aaah adding that “s” in “monologues” took me three backspaces now.! Hahaha!....
Dats wot im talkin about… y do v all look back into wot life has to offer… v look ahead yea.? Every human does for dat matter.. dats again coz the whole circle of life goes one way… nd v look to another … if v were to live in reverse..?! wot would be the absolute fate of human sanctity.?!
The whole idea of a man being born and living his whole life watchin things go by till his death bed sounds kinda illogical… why do we have to jus watch things go by.?! Live it… Just one dat you’ve been a part of.!
Magnetic poles…… rotatin within the inner core as one of my frenz would agree wid me brilliantly goes against the wind of the entire concept of the rotation of the core dat v all once had conceived to be the ultimate truth of how mother earth holds its continents and its elements together.! How was it known dat the north pole was the north pole and the south the south.?! NSEW… is dt how we demarcated lands unknown.?! Where did des demarcations originate.?!
Still feels like a monologue..!!! I guess I cant do nethin bout it.. at least dis nite yea.?! If the earth dat we know it today was to rotate the other way.. probably a cure for the very elemnt of jealousy and corruption would degenerate wid time.! Probably the whole essence of watchin your life go by would jus be a myth.! Probably we wouldn’t be having this conversation..!
The myth that human life is about to end takes a whole lotta lives wid It I mus say… its not only the humans… it the entire universe dat v call Milky way dat would cease to exist.. imagine the sun burnin out.?! Imagine the moon absorbin all the light dat it had to reflect and the whole earth detained unto darkness.?!
Its dat…… happenin to entire mankind rite now… I wouldn’t say m analysin the situation(an institution of law)..u got the right to remain silent and crap!... y should u.?! we haven’t torn apart law.?! Mankind could still forsee..!
History would never have been called history if it dint happen in the past… wot if past was the future.?! We were lookin backwards… ?!

Too many questions on this one….. Unanswered would be one way id put….! I guess v all have been faced with des questions many a time in life… but v never actually bothered to wonder…
Well I guess I should leave it at dat den..! as I say..!!” Ur wish is my command”…

Ajay Padattil

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