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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Like you did today..!!

There are these thoughts that run through you
There are those mysteries that bring you together

This may seem as a far distant thought these days
This may seem so true to a fact those foregone

Then we would all live tonight that must be
Then we should be alive for all these times

Together was a word that most of the world didn’t
Together was in a BC but today we all should

Talking seemed like a thing of the pastand technology
Talking was blissful to the degree of Nirvana

Tasting the life in its entire glory with humans
Tasting this moment with the humans I am because of

Tomorrow may be another day for all but me
Tomorrow would be my blissful day coz we were

Try tasting this life for once
Try Us & you would never sing another song

Like you did today

Ajay Padattil