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Sunday, 15 October 2017


There would be a lot of times where we stay
There would be a lot of fortune we would still foresee

This would be a lot more to the eyes that meets
This could be so much to speak than those ears

Trust a human to ferego those breathe beyond
Trust a human form to live a lifeso true

Taming a lifeform is a talent so beyond
Taming fear is godly or so heavenly

True this to be a particular wind of a spirit
True them to the seems a brizzle

There does a love so beyond this breeze
There does a love that is so pure to bedazzle

Thou shall never think of a breeze so cool
Thou shall only thiknk of ahuman as a seed of that apple

There are souls that think & seek
There is yesterday, today & today!!

Ajay Padattil 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

2nd U!

The sweet life that a lot of people take for today
The sweet life a lot of me would still reminisce today

There is a small inspiration to every initiative that one takes
There is a small happiness to every instant a human being lives

This should be a 5 minutes from now
This should be a love so forever how

Three folds of dimensions were defined by this world
Three ferns of leaves this tree would cann-a-bis

That’s a cool thing that an earth would liven up
That’s a creative thing this world would claim

Thick loaves of emotions flowing through straight
Thick beliefs of the living self still steams

Take that 2nd U-turn in life
Not too bad.. Loved the first! :)

Ajay Padattil

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Redemption..!!

The days when you hear a familiar voice
The feeling you have when there’s liveliness

The joy of another day to live as you breathe
The happiness of the world when they see you speak

The system of the pulse that would beat on
The swift prism of life that splits the light

The shift of a paradigm that defines the staff
The flick of the lips that would curve a smile

The blistering beats of this day strolls by
The beating moments of my arteries scream lucky

The lord of the various realms scream oxygen
The di-oxides strive to live another day

The redemption of a lot of lives below this day
The second of many tyres deserve a pit-stop

The stroke of luck doesn’t favour the many
The mass of those who tries another time!!

Ajay Padattil

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Re-Generate..!!A Tribute..

A decade ago or from now the human race must see
A dream of sorts so fulfillin and drastic we’d foresee

Today as I watched an epic unfold to its end
Today as I sadly watched an era pass beyond

Of late I’ve heard many a human speak the purpose
Of late a lot of prescriptions point to love

Many a name the world shall call love as
Many facets of life we would all begin that as

As I watched one of my immortals bleed away
As I listened to one of my voices without an after-credit

There should be a second chance to many a one
There should be a sacred day to spark things on

Lasting glories of the world would still be a stronghold
Lasting glories of this day would still beer a smile

Immortality was a myth & the voice of that galaxy
Re-generate.. was possible & so is humanity!

Ajay Padattil
12/03/2017.. J.H.Logan

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Like you did today..!!

There are these thoughts that run through you
There are those mysteries that bring you together

This may seem as a far distant thought these days
This may seem so true to a fact those foregone

Then we would all live tonight that must be
Then we should be alive for all these times

Together was a word that most of the world didn’t
Together was in a BC but today we all should

Talking seemed like a thing of the pastand technology
Talking was blissful to the degree of Nirvana

Tasting the life in its entire glory with humans
Tasting this moment with the humans I am because of

Tomorrow may be another day for all but me
Tomorrow would be my blissful day coz we were

Try tasting this life for once
Try Us & you would never sing another song

Like you did today

Ajay Padattil