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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Your Yug!!

And its awesome when you spend a considerable portion
And its browning when you love a place so quiet

Also thinking of multiple listening facts that we should
Also staffing a lovely place the future should bring

Atleast though before the two years yearning still
Atleast brisk analogy to the fact that would still promise

After an enlightening thought of one fiscal year to another
After a swift action that describes better now that then

Aloft this breeze we still would flow for today
Aloft this very thought was where trust led us

As this maybe a regular tryst with contract lives
As this is a terrible way to deal with multiple hopes

Amazing is the patience that customers yearn to give
Amazing is the trust that every base hurts to forgive

Alarming is the rate humans tend to still perceive
Alarming is the expectancy of this life v/s trust

All of this could go down as a chapter itself
All of this is something that history could’ve rectified

Alright!! Was the slogan of most today
Alright!! May serve the future bleak to our future

After today there is a tomorrow, slay so many of us
After a while that could bring a slump to them

Ain’t a yug that people would consider comfortable
Ain’t a common place, coz humans ruled all those yug’s

Askin why??!! Was always scorned upon
Asking it isn’t??!! was always considered an omen!!

After this world & neyond would be the present
After a question would be another, realise some

An owned prism could refract so many shades
An owned prism would never show that rainbow ever

As a lot of skips of human lifewould surpass
As a life of mine could suffice for another today

Alas!! There may be one to think do
Alas!! There is a shore beyond this ocean

Alike!! We were the same species a while ago
Alike!! We were born in that birthday suit!!

Amazing!! The way that we think of changin her
Amazing!! The him.. we shall take him for a ride

Astonishing facts about this life is still a mystery
Astonishing viewpoints take me to a single anomaly

Alarming rates which this world screqms happy
Alarming the speed at me & my pen the world beams!!

As this stifle progresses tonight between me & the pen
As this was a different beginning to the end

And the Monk’s head is no inspiration for this day
And my yesterdays wouldn’t worry my tomorrow

Today’s good yea
Tomorrows gonna be kickass!!

Ajay Padattil