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Friday, 23 September 2016


I was born & I really didn’t do anything but cry

I was a little further, had my cord cut, I still did cry

I thought about growing up but didn’t really bother coz I’z 1

I thought about listening but I didn’t really bother coz I dream 2

I wished stars & the moon, my folks got them.. I was 3

I wished music& little, my folks got them.. I’m 4

I grew a little dumber, I wished the world.. I was 10

I grew a little cooler, they wished I was 14

I was in college, a darn bit positive.. I was 16

I was in mid-college, still stupid.. I was 19

I had an opinion… the beginning.. pretty sane.. I was 20

I thought I’m the world.. the beginning.. I’m 21

I lived that very thought till I’m Immortal..  I’m loved

I lived that very metal through chassis.. the soul’s so cool

I’m wondering if we all thought at 1

We’d all be a wreck before I thought 2!!

Ajay Padattil


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