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Saturday, 24 September 2016


There’s a time for a human when his pen stutters

There’s a time when your best comes to loving

This sacrifice& etc is a word that people overdefine

This break of dawn is one of the best excuses to sleep

There’s one source that wakes by then but we forsake

There’s two to mention for now &they’d laugh again

This would be so thinking now& they’d still smile

This will be so subtle thinking & by them then thought

Telling them this night that we lived for you

Telling them this night that we were home this morning

Two of these & foresee.. we would return tonight

Two of us & we were this night & you ere us!!

Trying to inspire without a word to us

Trust would be a wholesome word literary

You were our Delta, Alpha & Force

     Senti Marenga..

But hum hain toh Kya Gum hain!!

Ajay Padattil


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