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Saturday, 30 January 2016

To Rock N Roll..!!

Lasting lifes of too many souls inference
Lasting dreams of too small a sweet incense

Life would be so cold & now would us
Lasting dreams of life was right

Lost in reality this world should begin
Lasting dreams of trying was too high

Love is one whole mystery so bright
Lasting dreams of now is still a past

Lament on the days to come & strive
Lasting dreams of reality strikes bright

Listening to a pure heart scream right
Lasting dreams of an era would be a fight

Life is one bright stiffen dreamlight
Lasting dreams were just so right

Leave these mysteries beyond all right
Lasting dreams were a tad offer a might

Loaded & Light were the sins of the world
Lasting dreams were hanging on

Listen to the tremendous calls of us
Lasting dreams were hungry to listen

Love & life were two listening sources now
Lasting dreams still hold on so tight

Live this up for one more than me
Lasting dreams is what we’d foresee

Live, Love & Listen is our might
Lasting dreams…
That’s our Right??!

Ajay Padattil