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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Maybe a revelation!!

As I watch artists from different realms
As I watch a day of the information dreams

The facets of today still a dream
The facets of tomorrow is a brilliance stream

The simplicity of movies made out there still
The simplicity of movies streaming so free

The freedom of emotions & expressions would be
The freedom of the past haunting minds nimble

The purest thoughts on a subcontinent mind
The lamest symphony would be still a thought

The fear of how, why & when still haunt a gem
The fear of who, still & should I!! still persist within

The alpha would doubt to ask a delta today
The gamma still is worried if my rays didn’t work??

And there are free minds bestowed within this
And there are beads of humanity still questioning

Tell me who is this that defined a society
Tell me who would we be, thinkin a pool of humans

This would still be a guided hastily
This would be an essence humanly tolerant

There should be a free spirit so we’d listen
There should be a happiness we’d see today

As a friend said: teach a child to think, not what
As a friend foretold: teach a child to think, how to

I’d watch the theatre, did realize the difference
I’d hear the theatre, felt the similarities

Talent is not the deficit key we suppress
Thought is, Past was, Think free, maybe we would

Ajay Padattil