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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Love Will keep us alive..!!

Would be a name & title so familiar today
Would be a feeling so common but rare

While the vast horizons of the new seem yum
While the forays of the little today beats mum

Whistling as the old song spells our worries away
Whistling bows my stories so lovingly & my

We would always be the human heart wandering
We would always be the sunlight of another moon

Wasting the times that we still have ahead
Wasting the thoughts on something so hard today

When I as a person falter to think straight
When I as a person know you’d be me today

Wow & I would still foresee blue skies tomorrow
Wow & I know the black ocean shall pass by

Warm as the earth would begin to come to
Warm as our sights of the volcano so calm

Whiff!! Is there a wind that should caress me
Whiff!! That sweet whistle of yesterday is my life

Whilst along the way in the past you’d falter
Whilst I’d say I’m done, I know I’m you & U’r me

Whole of this realm & beyond would work now
Whole of the sweetness seems the easier choice

Who on your side or yours is the step you’d call
Who you’d be is your karma & rationale

When the world that yours was still is so strong
When the hold matters to me & you to me the most

Who should strive to hold you when you’re lost
Who would be through & cares for what you care the most

That I’d quantify.. Love will keep us alive!!

Ajay Padattil


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