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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Us!!..To An Extent..HaHaHaal!!

Now.. Now.. Now.. that’s what most people talk about..

What is now?? What could be now?? What should have been now?? That is something people never would understand..

Fiction.. Fact.. Undecipherable … These were just words..

Fiction could be cute to write

Fact could be hard to write

Undecipherable.. Is just random.. lol..

The start could probably be as far as my imagination goes..

Humidity.. hot breeze.. the perfect souls…perfect.. we were far from!!

I walked in.. as somebody would still today recollect.. a jhola( slingbag across the shoulder ).. spikes (hairstyle mein..probably).. Loose stride(damn life was probably not too serious then..!!).. mixed up colours & a happy life ahead.. that could’ve been how a perception would differ today..damn..just one stupid guy walking into the unknown would’ve summarized all the above.. -> Enter

Beautiful people.. Beautiful Stories.. Beautiful Sounds.. Beautiful Happiness.. Beautiful Cacophonies(mine).. Beautiful experiences.. Beautiful People..

Dunno if it is actually the coffee then or the nice time then or it was just the people.. I think it was the latter..Bad way to define but yea they were the gems..!!

There was the queen when I walked in.. head so high.. ooh!! And the knees(two of dem) would be weak enough to handle these lives forbidden.

There was this sweetheart.. who wid one look probably be the best life that you’d ever forget but live.

There is my hero..

And was me who said.. this is life & we’d live the way we should & the three above just lived for me so good… that I actually just had to swing!!

And there was one more man.. he was the mature bum of us all I suppose.. the only scene was.. he jus disappeared.. jus like dat.. Poof!! Poof!! Without an.. “Open Sesame” code!!

Get him back to us..May i.. May Bhopu.. May flu.. May thags..

Macha was his name.. Shark Tooth Mango was his game.

How’d we all start.. this is a story in itself.. coz that woz one heck of a mainstream but still.. as someone close to my heart would call it..random words from a dictionary.. lol..

Extremes!! That would actually be an understatement to what we could define how each of us was… like actually.!!!

Bhopuu.. A sweetheart to the core.. An adventure waiting to escape but tied into those justifications life had to offer but.. that is my gal.!!

Thags.. The man who would give up this world & beyond for the gang he loves & this world would be minimal to the love this man can bestow upon anyone that’d pass his radar of care!!

Flu!! She’d kill me if I don’t speak on a cool note.. Ma’am thinks she’s all mature & stuff but there’s this baby in her that’d probably go places( maybe would’ve already been there! but yea still would..

Writing a story is too damn difficult..Yea!! Life could always be a story..A good one though.

We all do strive for a happy ending yea..

But I guess we never really work towards it do we..coz work woz never happy?? We always were…lol.!!!

Ajay Padattil


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