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Sunday, 25 January 2015


The reflection a human sees when looking in the mirror
The retrospective a human sees when he looks back

Mystery still is this work of this world by whom
Mystery could be the very worth of this life forever

Love unscathed, circumstances can suck an egg
Love unfathomable, this word is the very pious!!

Tears seem simple & they’d still smile deep
Tears speak just once word & a kid would smile

Dreams & that’s once upon a time for them
Dreams & the hope that we are the once upon a time

Laughter was when we took our first step & smiled
Laughter was when we passed & winked!!

They never wore a helmet when we poked
We should never wear one too.. would we??

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Hero..!!

My hero had the smile that could split the skies
My hero had the anger that could split the earth

My hero would stare once & I’d be gone
My hero would stare once & I’d still try

My hero would bite that tongue & we would hide
My hero would bite that tongue & we would puppy face

My hero would have a cane & we deserved dat
My hero would have a cane & my darling would defend

My hero & us goin out, we’d say leave your love
My hero & us goin out , his love’d take us along

My hero & his love would live forever
My hero & is love would still stop us forever

My hero would have the calmest of smiles on us
My hero would have the cheesiest of smiles for us

My hero would turn a head to tails for us
My hero would sacrifice a bitter sweetness for our sourness

My hero is invisible & so true
My hero & his love are just unfathomable

Ajay Padattil



A Long lasting sight would be too uncertain
A lasting stare would be a mystery

A long meal so timeless at an airport
A grey hair so grown on both sides timeless

That would be an inspiration to start on
That would be my life to you & still on

This day would still yearn to live on
This love would still startle as how

Looking at you just once would suffice
Looking at life staring would be a surprise

Lasting effervescences would linger quite a bit
Lasting life this way would light our way

Wow & I realize the value so differently
Wow& I realize we as humans have just one

We would always look for that one reason
We would always run behind dat one soulful dream
We as humans would have one life
We as humans decide where we have one!!

Ajay Padattil