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Sunday, 15 December 2013


A cult group or what shall I call i…!! Still uncertain what this group of nomads would call themselves..!!

Once upon a time… in a lan far far away there lived some people… Ploodil, Bhopu, Thengaman & Mr. Thags..  Now it all started on 30 April 2007.. if my memory serves me right.. As I walked in.. there was this guy… religious at the first look but me to a shot of white mischief later that evening.. there was an elegance of sorts to the second character… wohooo!! Would be her first reaction @ sweet as heaven,,, hard as hell would totally befit the third… oops!! Did I miss myself..Thengaman would be me.. nd dats an epic in itself..!

Thengaman arose outta one sooooooperb day in a training room when there was nobody but somebody @ all of is would still revel in those glories which would be a mystery of some sort…. & imagine your bachpans life comin true& you’re a soooperhero & you’ve got guys wo’d say…ooh yea…u’r thengaman alright… Now spill how you gonna save the world?? And you say… Off a tower.!!!

Blah Blah Blah & what an afternoon… ooh did I miss that evening…. Ooh yes I didi.. me walking in when the whole feel of god’s own country hit me… the greenery… the breeze.. the people… oooh so wonderful.!!

And we walk into thw only place dat technopark would call HAVEN… oops did I miss an ‘E’.?? lol

As I walk in… I’d see a fumigated place with an aura that.. believe me.. u’d have to see it to believe it.. nothing like it.. I assure you!!

And as we went through the whole technicalities of some abbreviation that was’nt supposed to be pronounced the way it was spelt.. I actually saw myself indulging in the pure pleasures of life..and the mystery of the whole ploy was… the people were fantabulous..(do not even know if that’s a word)

HAAL.. wow… wouldn’t life have been so much more boring wo them..glad they were there… now come to think of it.. glad is an understatement…buahhahahahah!!! Now dat’d be so Bhopuuuu..!!

HAAL.. wow… wouldn’t life have been so much more boring wo them..glad they were there… now come to think of it.. I wish you guys would be legends..hehehhe.. that would be so Ploodil..!!

HAAL.. wow… wouldn’t life have been so much more boring wo them..glad they were there… now come to think of it.. Da *&$%&#@..Athannu...Phaaaaaa!! .. that would be so Mr. Thags!!

Cheers!!.. nd Me .. Where I am.. Thenga to the rescue…Up UP & Awayyyyy!!!!

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 22 September 2013

The One's I Love..!!

Probably after a million years gone by
Probably a life of evils & times flown by

Pristine dreams of a lifetime would be too small
Pristine hallucinations & paranoia is still distant

Philosophies about three stars on a mountain is simmering
Philosophies about happily ever after would still be a dream

Past is the key to the future or is it??
Past is probably just one small thing to forgive

Proving things aren’t something you’d do to a loved one
Proving theories were absolutely for scientists not humans

Pranks played were always something for my love
Pranks to something you’d listen for a life is humour unsustained

Priliferous is something I just invented now
Priliferous is Me+ Ferrous ( Iron I’d read in Chemistry)

Pray we never ever live out this absolute miracle
Pray we never have to beat ourselves to this note

Screw the ‘P’ that’s daring us to do this sin
Love & Live happily ever after was never a myth!!

Ajay Padattil