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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Just Another Elixir..!!

Lasting philosophies go a long way in deciphering
Listing glories do make a human will for his obliteration

Swiftly tho slyly paving a way for a secure future
Many a days spent by mankind enhancing their present

The silent gust of bliss alarming the heart with a drizzle
The stormy signs of relief blowin rightly so

Lifting spirits beneath the crust is still too foreign
Lightin the essence of the very flame within is the necessity

Life in many ways teaches you how to tread paths of the ordinary
Life in many ways teaches you the very basic rule of immortality

The power to live forever doesn’t reside in the bodily masses alone
The goodwill and benevolence to life forms takes an enormous role

The very source of this energy doesn’t reside in the world
Immortality is another word, just ‘U’ inside is your measurable tunnel.

Ajay Padattil