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Monday, 17 January 2011

But of the Butt..!!

The but of the Butt..!!

First part goes like this
First part should be the key

Listen to this critic shit
Listen to this damn symphony

When you would sing this cacophony
When you would change this system

Listen to the path we would choose
Listen to us & lament on togetherness

Enclose stuff like you'd pretend
Enclose us & you would still forsake

Ajay Padattil


When you & us were the mythology!!
When we would speak the tyranny

Which one of these is my realm
Which one of this is my reality!!

Where would I feature u & ijee
Where can I smear ink on our part

Whistlin things are the sanctity of mine
Whilst things should judge this time

Whichever steam would love this
Whichever was the untold in the dictionary

Wasting things would still forgive
We are here pushpy,ijee,tree me & inee.!!

Ajay Padattil