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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Beginning to believe the landships of earth
Beginning to feel the smartness of Aliens by heart

Beginning to think of life from a different perspective
Beginning to mend ways to start differently

Beginning to gaze at the blue skies & wish purity
Beginning to wonder when oxygen would be regenerated

Beginning to worry about the future first
Beginning to put the past behind few tunes

Beginning to treat things & prioritize
Beginning to wish life was a little fairer

All the above mentioned things are for angels
We still continue to live as the neighbour of the beast..!!

Ajay Padattil

Peter Paul & MARY.. v miss ya.!!

I was walking down that path again
Which surely screamed no pain no gain

The whistle blows way away from here
A lemon tree so yellow its still satire

Blowing in the wind did shoot up lives
Puff the magic dragon sings one tonite

The Wedding Song did top the charts oh so well
When I die the world will cry & it did so swell

Leaving on a jet plane stirs ones symphony
I dig Rock n Roll plays different Adamantly

Started this out as lyrics for a melody
Couldn't stop myself from a tribute to her....Mary!!

Ajay Padattil