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Friday, 12 March 2010

Main Aur Meri Methyl Alcohol.!!

During my school days, in the chemistry lab I did hear of this element called ' Methyl Alcohol '. I used to wonder why this was called so when Alcohol was considered to be an evil substance. My curiosity was at its epitome when I learnt that this decomposes straight into something called 'ethyl alcohol' which at a later point in life would be known as THE SPIRIT.

Probably why people call it evil is because if consumed in large amounts this could prove fatal in many ways both to oneself & to the other souls too.The fatality caused to oneself could be summarized as one or more organs failing to function or to simply put it “ Screwed”. The fatality to other souls could come in many forms, the first being accidents.

The wind I've heard enhances the very essence of this substance called alcohol after consumption. The swaying of a human is bound to happen if consumed in smaller but large amounts leading to the state we call the “ Unknown”. In this state a human finds his home on a footpath or even places which would be unknown to him the following morning.

The good thing about this element is it is not biased i.e. gender no bar, caste no bar, religion no bar etc.... lol.

The other state of mind after consumption would culminate in violence ( I haven't understood the base of this emotion to ). When this emotion is triggered, a state of superiority complex & extreme power takes control of the human mind or so they It causes people to behave in such an annoying manner coz they think they r supreme & the iceberg that titanic hit sounds like a spot on the moon.

The reactions in the morning would consist of amnesia, Blanatha & to some.... a sever headache ( feels the head is too damn heavy to carry).

This word “ Blanatha” was an addition to my dictionary very recently. It is defined as the slow feeling, lack of enthusiasm felt by a human body and mind in the morning after an overdose of “ Ethyl Alcohol “ during the previous

The headache state of affairs could be summed up as a HANGOVER which most define as situations varying from falling randomly asleep to a headache so huge that a shark bite would sound minuscule.

On an empty stomach, the SPIRIT seems to kick in more easily & results in the complete “ SWITCH OFF ” of a human body progressing into a world only that human can define at that particular point in time.

Some say, it also triggers music into the soul & mind. I've been there, done that & OH! Its true to the very last ”C”.

It does feel beautiful to speak to people you care about. A sense of truthfulness is ushered in without a doubt. Things & emotions are mixed so neatly that it just seems perfect.

A social gathering some might call certain nights when you can't enjoy your drink & end up prancing up and down with jus that drink to adorn your fingers. All sophisticated

Then there are times whe you decide a couple of em are good enough but end up sleeping the next day. At these times stuff that were never talked about previously crop in & a discussion happens ( this would put the UN conferences to Decisions made, journeys to go on, places to see & newer “ Glassmates” is what we refer to this in our countryside.

I would end this here coz of various reasons , the first one being “ Blanatha”.!


Ajay Padattil