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Thursday, 11 March 2010


Willow would sound this scratch from d master blade
With the greener pastures callin out to the very bright nd talented

Wastin time would still seem like a distant horizon
Softly but sweetly blast from the past say some

Wallowed within so many gusts of this symphony sounds unfair yea.?!
Withered within these winnin spirits would darken todays and nites

Winners all say some ppl outta der minds but sane
Participate and all r winners speak the logic which sounds absurd

Wade along the swans of the lame lake of joy
Morgan's law of averages still shines bright as the moon

Lost in the sanity of this moment and i still remain indebted to the sunrise
Lavishly tho... i would gather all the courage to face the very brunt of idiocracy

Standing tall still seems like a beat too far for this beast
Will i pay for this one or shall sarcasm rule the ozone layer.?! lol.!

Smashin stuff still talk the heads of this moment
Swiflty but elegantly this phase passes by..!

Play these babies like they would never live for tomorrow
Hold em like dey would live yesterday in lieu of Today.!!

Ajay Padattil