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Friday, 12 February 2010

Weeks..Gone by.!!

Two weeks of glory would actually seem too much for me to handle...but theses two weeks were truly vociferous .

I'l start with a Thursday, coz most of the other days in a week still seem a mystery to me. Call it kerala or the I guess did divulge a sense of drained thoughts &heartless when a human being did give me company virtually as dawn breaks into something which would soothe me till this second... The human did leave me midway (Hint ..hint..!!)

the next day from 8 to 6 was pretty eventful with all the “Chai & Sutta” breaks...a lotta smiles gone bewilder & songs to sing & technology to fulfill... The time after about say 7 was one of those unforgettable nights when Mr Jayachandran as I would call him joined us in the wee hrs right before he had to bid bon voyage to all of us since we were trippin on his booze after the dark sinner with coke we had already given up

The night doesnt seem to end there...with more of the dark sinner glorifying our sinister times before which a lotta technical stuff,industry specific dreams glazing the very breeze of this moment...Exports, Excise.... I wouldnt dare to reveal but what a night that could unravel.

The following nights would be saga in itself. A whole day of uselessness until the afternoon where my soul mate drives right into my porch & walks in with a sly smile sayin “ bout some beer to spice the blaring hot *#@$*@in sun.?!”.... And I was known to never say “ No..!!”. & so began the “ super strong” journey to the windmills & beyond.

“ walkable distance” & “ truly Disappointing” still rings to this date when a twisted ankle & waterfalls were the only hope of a trip that, bought in dreams of “ Indira Gandhi” & ” Sharukh Khan”. Windy... Oh yes.!! Windy as hell was that night.

The trip back... The “ puttu” & “ Mutton Char”...Boy.. would be one unforgettable experience to sum up acting the press, borrowing shampoo, peein in the most unsolicited places , sacrificing the one thing humans would value the most... individualism...not to portray blasphemy... after all I got Mr Guruvayuraapan& Mr Jesus Christ adorning my neck..hehehehe.

The next week I guess did go pretty eventful with all the breaks that I did talk bout earlier but I guess I was a daft bit caught up wid issues of my own which would take an eternity to reiterate at this point ( Did you know “ reiterate” was a synonym for “Duplicate”

And comes the Friday. Now i'm actually confused as to whether I should “ Thank God it's Friday” or not... But this one I would definitely be grateful for... Ask me Why.?!

I got to witness one of the marriages of a lifetime as I would consider the groom to be the loveliest, most amazingly true to believe humans in this era& beyond.... Anuroop is his name & hayabusa is his game... the bride was the most cheerful darling of a gal I have seen in one so many of my 27( too small)

“ Made for each other”.. would be an understatement... “ Perfect.. Impossibly Correct & Suited” would best fit this couple. My happiness knew no bounds as i'd gone down for their engagement ages ago when i'd decided I had to see this marriage & the reception for myself.

As I told a sweetheart of mine “ I wish the camera could capture all those moments a human eye could!!”. I actually wish all of you could see what I did. Perfection, Happiness, Innocence, Purity, Sanity, Togetherness, Brightness, Bliss....I'm running short of words as to how I would sum the very experience.

And yet another week passes by strumming on my harps of being busy & being happy.... But i'd say, the sweetheart would brighten my days of humidity & my soul mate would be the very essence of this effect.

A brief stint in chennai & back would actually bring me back to the professional I didn't want to be , but “ Kismat hai G*@&$du to Kya Karega Pandu” And I'm back....hehehe

“Everybody's definitely got their comfort zone” says “ some wise men”...True... False.. Suit yourself i'd says I..!!

The week hasn't passed, and its Thursday... I'm actually writing in this diary, the page of which says 29th January 2009 & beat the coincidence.... its a Thursday

An eventful day where I did login to gmail at approx 4:30 pm ..coz..
1.I wasnt on my seat ( As Alwayz)
2.I had work( once in a while)
3.I had some work ( Most of the time)
4.I had a hell lotta work ( Once in a blue moon)

The (4) was my case today & the sweetheart I'd mentioned a while ago was impossibly busy, my soulmate was not in town& the man with the plan( a new character) would be off for 2 months

The dusk happens & we all have to set out ona voyage none of us have foreseen or planned( I love this ind of an expedition).. We reach... Welcomed with one of the best mango juices in human history... Foray on a walk in the Car.. Couple of spirits adorning our evening.. asilent breeze to foretell our existence... We reach back... Greeted warmly with some fresh “ Kallu” & “ chicken”... a few minutes we get to sniff the warm trinkets of the dark sinner again... this time it was imported. Boy was it smooth. Another dude was actually hooked & we go to witness it tomorrow.

Hospitality at its best... Events falling out as dominoes would be ashamed to assemble... ridin back... a lot of words ( not hateful but playful) exchanged... Lotta people switching places to hold those 4 gears... Lotsa vehicles moving side by side... As my friend would put it & of so befitting.

“To express friendship, one should alwayz strangle another neck while he's driving”.

Eventful, was it, is it,,, would it be & I would say YES!!!!

A trail of thoughts, Two weeks of happening stuff... A wheel full of surprises... Dashingly surprising.

All Random words put together from a dictionary huh.?!?!
Ajay Padattil

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