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Friday, 15 January 2010


Why is it alwayz an adventure when people actually say “NO” to a thing.?!

Why is the earth not a plain sphere.?!

Why would most of the people curse religion when the basic sound of trust has disappeared ?!

Why has listenin to your heart been replaced with logic?!

Why has oxygen become the most important thing humans ever wanted?!

Why have people turned from Classic Rock to Death Metal?!

Why has death become the most terrifying thing when you've got your whole life to ahead?!

Why has time travel alwayz been a myth when the past seems unforgettable.?!

Why “would” “will” “was” “want” “wish” “will” have alwayz been elements of doubt.?!

Why did the dinosaurs grow extinct when our future generations would still speak about them?!

Why are bats blind but still can negotiate & traverse paths a human still strives to.?!

Why is an Apple called an Apple when “ A” could've been sumthing else.?!

Why are the primary colors still Red Blue Green.?!

Why is Why called Why..Who is the first to have discovered doubt.?!

Why did Adam eat that apple.?!

Why hasn't rest of the apple been found if half of it is in a man's throat.?!

Why don't parallel lines meet ever even if we tried to concur it.?!

Why does '0' on the left have no value.?!

Why doesn't a frog think like a human as just another being.?!

Why are rabid dogs rabid.?!

Why do we use the phrase “ Why on earth!!” to summarize something negative.?!

“Why”...So many tales to tell& still remains a mystery to me as to why there are so many “ Whys” in the planet of the most intelligent beings(humans).

Does this mean our knowledge has actually got its limits(boundaries) or extra-terrestrial, paranormal activity does leave us in awe?!

Ajay Padattil


  1. u think too much :) u shud start writing some philosophical books... m sure u ll earn a lot :)

  2. thanx thanx thanx...!!! philosophy...heheheh.. !