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Thursday, 21 January 2010


Erased half of my memories I would say.
Erasing more than half of my utmost desires.
Erasing mighty 80% of fantasies I'd learn to live without.
Easing thoughts flowing through my veins right now.
A singing mystery still to conquer would be a dream too far.
Sing a tune which sounds bugles to one too many.
“ Ing “ is something we would add to most of the events that would be the present.
“ ng “ would summarize “ not given” to most of us living this time.
“ g ” pronounced in Hindi would either mean “ Yes Sir” or “ Yes Ma'am ”..hahahah!!

When we do fill our life with dreams which sound good hypothetically, we wonder “ What if.!? ” or “ If it was, nothing better !!” . And then at some points in life, we do feel that this is the time every lavish performer fulfills the luxurious dominance to the fullest. Dreams & fancies have always been something every human would love to live across.

What have humans dreamt of always remains a mystery to me. Lot of faces, Lot of characters, Lot of thoughts would speak of a totally different point in this regard.

Some would actually dream of a big house, a big car, a cute wife, a decent fortune, a flourishing career etc... Al; the points I'd talk bout in the previous sentence seems to be a common factor for all the homosapiens we know, yea?! ( The wifes could also be translated to a husband as you may please)

I still wonder bout what the penguins would do if all the glaciers in Antarctica melt on one fine day.?!

I still wonder what a squirrel would do( for that matter humans too) if the temperature blasts past 50 degrees average?!

I still wonder as to what the trees would do if there is actually an ozone hole created all over the earth?!

I still wonder, if the solar eclipse can never be witnessed again, what would happen to the sun.?!

I still wonder where a road would end without a street light to adorn it.?!

I still wonder, if 30 % of the earth is the ocean why isn't 70 % of what we see be the beaches.?

I still wonder what causes the echo in an empty room just as it sounds off a cliff.?!

All these I guess are just elements of life which ;life has no answers to, but are accepted as something that would always be designated as “ Let it happen & we'll see where it goes”

Wake up..Tip off..Save the penguins..Save the earth..Save our home...aaaaah.!! Hello!!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 15 January 2010


Why is it alwayz an adventure when people actually say “NO” to a thing.?!

Why is the earth not a plain sphere.?!

Why would most of the people curse religion when the basic sound of trust has disappeared ?!

Why has listenin to your heart been replaced with logic?!

Why has oxygen become the most important thing humans ever wanted?!

Why have people turned from Classic Rock to Death Metal?!

Why has death become the most terrifying thing when you've got your whole life to ahead?!

Why has time travel alwayz been a myth when the past seems unforgettable.?!

Why “would” “will” “was” “want” “wish” “will” have alwayz been elements of doubt.?!

Why did the dinosaurs grow extinct when our future generations would still speak about them?!

Why are bats blind but still can negotiate & traverse paths a human still strives to.?!

Why is an Apple called an Apple when “ A” could've been sumthing else.?!

Why are the primary colors still Red Blue Green.?!

Why is Why called Why..Who is the first to have discovered doubt.?!

Why did Adam eat that apple.?!

Why hasn't rest of the apple been found if half of it is in a man's throat.?!

Why don't parallel lines meet ever even if we tried to concur it.?!

Why does '0' on the left have no value.?!

Why doesn't a frog think like a human as just another being.?!

Why are rabid dogs rabid.?!

Why do we use the phrase “ Why on earth!!” to summarize something negative.?!

“Why”...So many tales to tell& still remains a mystery to me as to why there are so many “ Whys” in the planet of the most intelligent beings(humans).

Does this mean our knowledge has actually got its limits(boundaries) or extra-terrestrial, paranormal activity does leave us in awe?!

Ajay Padattil

Immortality ..A Gift or A Curse.!!

An Eternity to fulfill & I's be scanty
An owl lying low & I'd be array

Nothing talking beastly but I'd sacrifice
Nothing scandalizing but I'd say happening

Left the whole sarcasm apart
Left the bystanders loving still smart

Mentioning the hands of the spirit worthwhile
Mentioning the leaps of daffodils meanwhile

Souls of lasting memories still bind
Souls of breached arrows stand kind

Gladly so & I would foresee
Gladly speakin of those Random Galantry

Random giftless times still I live
Random smiles to see & yet I conceive

Drifting waves of the sun tomorrow
Drifting breeze of the lapse so hollow

Immortality sounds a hefty price to pay
Immortality defines tomorrow but live 4 today.!!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Life is Glorious ....(Part V).!!

And I begin my journey in2 the new year not 2009 but 2010 & whoa!! wot a begin to it.

I sit & watch as people come & go. Restlessness probably like one of my friends wrote as he started out on a new venture, probably something every human would try to at the begin of every year that seems to be new & promising. “ Manchaadikootam” he named it & so. He says its a collection of memories( naughty & not). And I must say he has written it most damn beautifully. This is when you feel that just like music, even ideas have no barriers I.e. language to be specifically pointed out at.

As he reiterated his experiences right from his grandma being an elegant & poise lady to the very fact that he still is growing into a nostalgic cyst of a creature waiting to break out from his shell to explore the newer horizons that probably this galaxy is worth more than. It is amazing though when you start to write, you wonder what,when, where, why you gonna begin at and it jus ends up as one heck of a creation that even you would probably rub your nose into & relise the anomaly this would probably unravel.

Its the shouts of glory & excitement that ushers in every 1st of January. Some wander around having absolutely no sense of whats going on in and around the same vicinity that one stands, still others sleeping their way into the new year.

Amazingly so, the human brain does end up instructing the heart to do what he/she loves to do at that very moment. The human brain too is a force to reckin with, rather NOT!! coz even the minimal amount of excitement prediction, medium quantities of smashing, maximum effect of sarcasm would be handled in different extremities of the very same prism.

The transition phase of the adolescence to adult could probably be the most difficult phases a human would live to see. I would categorize this period as anywhere between two years to 5 & a half years.

Nothing between these years seem right for some but for another sect of humans this would be the bible, yet another clan would call it the rest of the apple Mr. Adam ( Technically Father of the nation called earth) ate. The rest of the generation would just live it like they have lived it up for the past 22 ½ years.

Its funny sometimes all those influx of weird iddeas that come into the head at this point in time, the transition period i.e.. As I was watching a movie which spoke of three such humans who didn't think of sleeping or guidelines & cooked up this idea of “Why couldn't we just use pencils instead of spending a fortune trying to create an ink which wouldn't solidify in the absence of air”

When I was passing thro. The same phase, low waist apparels, jazzy belts, funky watches were the stuff thought to be the most sought after & to admit I was one of them & boy did I enjoy it.... oops forgot the hair stuck with glue ( Gel Humans called it). I still wonder how all of these mattered the world to certain humans ( Not excluding myself).

Call it Idiocy, madness, vanity..would come close to this phase. Probably when eminem, Tupas & puff daddy set the floor on fire. Wot did they call it den? “ Yo! Momma! Lets shake some booty Yo!!”...hahahah. The greeting note of “ SSSsssssup!!” stands strong to this day.

An ode to joy were those days if you'd ask me . A huge gang of people still waiting to ask their “ True Love” for a cup of coffee and still others enjoying their drink with complete random strangers who'l have a story to tell later on & so many other random characters knowing not where their life would end up & straining to live life for this very split second.

For most people this is either the time dey'd graduated from any course they were pursuing until this very moment. Some others struggling to rid themselves of the same very course enjoying everything except the ( I laughed at myself on this one)

Making my foundation strong would be my justification & I so love cheap

But probably this was the time which inspired a no books, no authoring, no literature, confused idiot to pick up his pen & glorify these moments.

Broke many a bones & minds of millions of unnoticing bystanders. Confusion about where to fit in probably was the criminal...hahahha... (Again Cheap Thrills).

Me, my sis & my dad invented a completely new language , a new story to live in & it still holds strong as I write this too... I'd probably speak of it at a later point in time. This whole book wouldn't suffice for the sheer glory of that saga.

Awsome scintillating deodorants, perfumes, nicotine sticks would accompany most of the confused but blissful beings of that hour. Butterflies in the stomach when the alluring beauty of the opposite sez breezes by would add sum glamour to ice this note.

The feeling of the butterflies rumbling or much rather fluttering could also be gained outta a roller coaster but then it wouldn't stimulate your mind & heart alike as well.

Lotta notions put your mind & heart in doubt at this very point ( As rejection is outta the question & you've just been crowned Mr/Ms Universe or Some actually gather up all the guts to go up2 the best thing you've ever witnessed & say sumthing which would be an exact antonym of what one was planning an eternity on preparing. This phase could briefly be annoted & erased as “ The Making-A-Fool-Of Phase”. Brings back memories.??!

Later on in life when you look at stuff like these, they do definitely bring a smile ( The curve that sets things straight) back to your busy

This Making-A-Fool-Of phase does turn out to be fruitful for some goin ahead & making a family outta it. Still others have many a more Making-A-Fool-Of & still manage to stay single at the end of it. Blissful bachelordom aint it?!...hahah

Till then I.le. When you do manage to get a “Yes” which delivers you from the “ Making-A -Fool-Of” phase, you find out that all the people who would've never glanced at you for a second time deliver n no. of glances makin your deliverer scan your That too is a fun phase when you do actually fool around just to see that change of expression.

Having a gang, partying the night out do tend to leave nostalgic scars which even if tried to erase( which you shouldn't) just doesn't seem to leave you.

Millions of excuses made to your creator, screwing around with any living being to have set foot on earth,feeling the deep breath grazing your shoulders, the dryness of the throat, the butterflies in your stomach, the high speed thrill trips, the wildest of screams, the beautiful but real chaos of emotions, the want to do so much but falling short of time would sum up the fact that life ain't no pain, its pure glamorous....Oops! Glorious... CheerS!!

Ajay Padattil

Monday, 4 January 2010

Bygones & Silhouettes..!!

Wellness & Bright talks this year forth
A Blissful stride north would breathe now

Go ahead pull your horns & pack your stuff
Lazily tho & too good to be true

A night marred by rain but successful
Unplanned but fantabulous still a mystery

A pack of sweethearts dancing to your tunes
A dozen nicotine sticks to deny the Jizzy

Living up the next day sounds a timothy
Living spirits still sing a merry lamb

Twinkles scream the guy on the next table
Tequila scream us on this conference

A walk downtown with lights bedazzling
Porrota & Butter chicken seal the night

Mr Monk did enlighten s a bit too much
Tabs played would sink in deep & so

As my soulmate & me did dissolve these ahead
Silent shadows lurk still in the woods

Happy new year sounds 1 day after
The day to celebrate still sounds strong

The year promising a lifetime of happiness
Join me & the devil shall forgive.!!

Ajay Padattil