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Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Ones I Loved…!!

As I would like to summarize my life in just two words….there is still an uncertainty to this very fact that I actually should..!!

Wouldn’t mean much at dis point in life but the very fact that time runs on and heaps of dust just doesn’t gather too much light still kind of seems a mystery…

The past & the present do go hand in hand & I agree to the very last bit that it does, but what do humans seek in time & beyond still lacks a true symphony…

Till the very last minute you do hope something arrives & it probably does….do you seem to be excited or more than just trust this sanctuary…

This is it was never meant to be a poem in the first place but rather a horn sounded to mankind to bring out the beast within so damn slowly…

This whole stanza didn’t start out as a poem to begin with but did end up as lines of a simile which I suppose I would decipher individually…

Looooooong time used to scream my lungs out so whole heartedly…it seems they have lost their power…

But the ones I truly loved…. Where you at.?!!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Bus..!!

Be it any class of a bus ride, I’ve always been fascinated with the very idea of the millions of faces you meet on em & the mannerisms you get to witness.

Right from the first bus that took me to the nursery I was enrolled in… the public transport… to my school bus & the latest being the bus I travel to my workplace in. All different shapes and sizes & colours so vivid that it gets your imagination runnin… both the passengers & the vehicles….lol

I remember in nursery there used to be this real naughty kid with a handkerchief dangling from his right pocket, typically pink with a few flowers adorning the borders. He never seemed to have his bottom side affixed to one particular seat in the vehicle, he seemed to have roller blades attached to his back…..Shakespeare would term it as obnoxiously Restless….lol…

And you reach your nursery…. Everybody shoving to get off & still some people living their dream not ready to accept that it is another day of discipline rather than fun…… that continues to this very day though… coz I was one of em in every aspect… I wonder if I had skates attached to my neck though….lol

Then there was the school bus where initially we were dressed smart in or whit & greys with a tie hangin like a noose around the neck, again living that very dream we were referring to a… But I always looked up in awe and excitement to those smart dudes in grey & grey christening them as seniors & wondered how would their shoes feel to be put into.(Only dudes coz we had a shift system..Boy the assembly time in school was )

The driver of the bus was a sweetheart nevertheless… he was sumbody all kids would look up2 as a human being. Having lunch in a hurry ( My Mom used to fed me for a realllllllllly long time coz I was absolutely in love with the concept of eating you see…lol) … putting on your shoes…..managing to forget one book off your timetable… looking forward to the games period ( where we have almost 10 teams playing on the same football field…lol ) …waiting for the recess bell… savouring every moment of the aluminium cricket ball etc….. And this went on all the way from the 1st grade to the 12th grade ( Yep!!.... I was in the same school).

I almost forgot the bus I was to talk bout… initially it woz white in colour ( Non A/c) & evolved into a cassata ice cream coloured A/c bus at the end of my tenure as a senior in school. We always had a gang of people who were there all through my senior part of school.

Thru school , the characters & the mannerisms of all of us was almost the same….. the same age group & thought alike… all spoilt brats..hahaha.. All of us wondering when we would get ourselves promoted from white & grey to grey & grey ( As a kid though it was more white & blue)… What shall I say.. School Revamped…lol!!

During college though… the only bus I did travel in was the public transport. And now there start the mannerisms & characters & faces that I thought of writing about. The faces I must say varies from a really angry face to a face that could brighten up your morning. Characters vary from silent & sober to really noisy & irritating. Mannerisms range from real cute baby gestures to people struggling to survive.

The transaction of the ticket in a bus does bring most of these features to light. You might have a person who’d be shouting at the top of his voice coz he got into the wrong bus & the conductor issued him a wrong ticket…beat that…lol.

You have many other who realize its their mistake & opt to silently walk out when the closest bus stop arrives. Still others who are speaking to their neighbours as if they have known him/her before the Big Bang theory occurred. Many of them stuffing themselves into the bus even when the place for a needle to be pushed in would be a luxury … People hanging onto a bar on the footboard & speaking on their cell phones as if they were lying on a beach with a beer in their left hand … lol … But I always used to admire babies who are way away from all these emotions… I believe their reactions are more binary like… either you laugh or you cry .. That’s wot I call pure bliss.

And these buses I’d say would be something as ancient as the Himalayas probably…. A 0 percent guarantee that you would reach your destination in the speculated time or even an hour after… coz the probability of a breakdown is high.. lol.. They were red in colour initially though a couple of stripes in yellow & black were add ons at a later point in time…. PMT Revamped..!!

The most prominent feature of the office bus is SLEEP… a blissful one hour of cramped up but heavenly sleep early in the morning…lol..

Waking up a little late…. Hurrying through with your morning routines… having breakfast as if you’ve never seen edible stuff before…. Running down… watching school kids waiting for their buses (prominent green uniforms) …walking towards the bus to find fellow colleagues waiting for the Blue striped white bus or shall I say White striped blue bus (very confusing) with a printout(people call that a board) specifying SUS rd on it, waiting for everyone to board it.

We have the head of travel… without whom the bus wouldn’t move an inch… mine’s the first pickup on the route. It then proceeds to the next stop picking up people with a vivid sense of colours to dress themselves up. But overall it goes through about 8 to 10 stops all over the city before it hits the highway.

Here you have people who speak for a while, say bout 10-15 mins to your neighbours and immediately retire into “ Nidra” …blissful…lol ( I am one of em…. “ Not used to wakin up so early” …. Is the primary cause for this pleasurable experience…lol ) … Then you have people who feel reading a book with good music to soothen their morning is a gud entertainer…you still have more people who believe good music will see them through a torturous one hour roller coaster… then there are others cursing fate for giving them a laptop to work on & carry. The way people search for seats as soon as they board the bus is a sight worth witnessing…. Then the final set would be people who have been sitting close to each other for years now but haven’t spoken a word… lol!!

When you leave for the day you have to literally search for the bus that would reach you back home. The 18:00 bus is okie… coz you’l get home in a jiffy (One hour).. The 19:00 bus takes you on a city tour with the traffic of another IT park cutting of the roads. There’s another one at 20:00… which I haven’t had the luck of experiencing. The 18:00 is white in colour with a green board. The 19:00 is the confusing blue & white.

The main agenda for the evenings too is blissful “ Nidra”.. lol the routes are different but I must say very well organized for an organization encompassing a figure of close to 2000 employees in the middle of nowhere.

I always wonder as to how everything comes around a whole full circle! From the colour white … From being a school kid waiting for the bus to watching kids waiting when u still are going to catch the vehicle. Experiences like this BUS I’m sure are many more & would be awesome to Rewind… Play… Stop… Play…. & it goes on!!


Ajay Padattil

After A While..!!

When you do live life a bit outta the normal
Why would you sip on sacrifice as outta dimal

Winning tones would still carry a bicycle
Wasting times slam a stamp of Popsicle

Whistlin by still seems the hands of time
Whalin life would be the slimes of time

When I would foresee the whims of symphony
Whoa!! I’d still name my stern cacophony

Whilst my mood my Mom says yeah!!
Withering spirits would still say nyyyy!!

Wounded & Down would this night be!!
While away time I think we will tally!!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 28 May 2010

The Journey..!!

The transition phase could alwayz be tough for a human it from a kid to teens,to adolescence to adulthood ( haven't reached that far yet). Sumbody once said you are as young as you feel deep inside... Me alwayz used to ponder bout dat one... but never did get the answer to “ Why.?!”.

The toughest I would say is the time when you go from being a graduate or a PG'ite to a professional ...haven't worried bout it till usual uncertain bout it the future...but who wants to think.?!Live it for the next damn second... if you can...i.e.!!

Went to school, a typical nice sweet lil life... of course cheap thrills never left space for remorse...Straight from that very wheel of warp...ppl do feel “ Damn.! What am I goin to do wid it (life) this time?!

When you do enroll into college..the fear of “What it'd look like” is alwayz there... but I could proudly say one thing....till this date...College Rocked for bout 10years to be precise right this organization nd gonna miss it ( my partners in crime)..

The city truly never gave nethin back to me nor the professionalism in the Enterprise that I looked for did...but...the people...the emotions.... the kind of space & freedom & experiences & the relations& the insanity of the sanctity of work & the ethics of humanity & the absoluteness of being oneself & the pure emotion of equality & the bluntness & the openness & HUMANS.... would def give any other enterprise a run for its money..coz here, everything just works on the basis of trust, space, humanity & love for existence.

I'd say kudos to the human who put forth the idea “ It's not the place, but the people that make this earth worth living “...and to think that I'm gonna be throwing all this away in just bout a week and a half pinches me... coz me gotta accept the very fact that “ Padam isnt gonna be called Padam anymore”... more names but nothin would mean as much as “ Padam”... This is one of my assumptions which I'm sure for the first time in my life that I's gonna bloody feel like “ I hope sumbody would address me the same”... sumday.!!

But then again tonight, I console myself saying... ain't the world just a sphere flattened at the poles & boy I'm just an STD code I definitely am gonna miss the greenery for sure.

The Enterprise .... I wouldn't say never gave me that I was lookin for... or did actually give me exactly what I was lookin for... Probably a manufacturing defect... or I wasn't sure of what I was lookin for or even more than probably I was born

Ask me to plan something & I'd wash my hands clean of it coz frankly speakin I can go with the flow but creatin the flow isn't my piece of cake....hehehehe

Comin to being the professional, I guess the incident that outdid me was being stuck in one place for over a year for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

But as I'd heard sumplace... “ The show must go on!!”.. I wouldn't say “ I'm not scared but still excited” to go to the new place ( hometown ,,,,but my profile jus took a 360 ) Uncertainty sounds good... but for one time in my life I feel deep down past is gonna keep my spirits up.!

Finding solace in jus a couple of words isn't convincing enough.... “ Technically not feasible” was the mantra at one point of time until I realized “ Nothing is impossible” & I picked it... got screwed.... but enjoyed every moment of that very technology that I'd have to live with at least for a quarter of my life.

And here is a human who at the age of 25 thought that there was just one definition for love bifurcating into millions of atoms just to find out love is pure.... nd its just not one.... it is like an entire new variation of the Rainbow.... VIBGYOR I'd learnt as a kid but I'd say with the rainbow of life that I'd decipher VIBGYOR would be just the primary colours... Mix em up & you'd get shades you haven't dreamed of ever..!!!

Me sounding lame already huh.?!.. As alwayz...the source for this piece of thing that one of my buddies would question as “ What were you stoning on?!”

A professional degree is essential...a preconceived notion... but I'd say your first experience with the pawns of the industry is what actually moulds your soul to face the rest of the globe & boy I've had one heck of soul searching in my present organization.... just too cool.. And the kind of support that your peers offer is unparalleled .

Getting a feel of the street smart world is sumthing I carved outta college but carrying it all thru till the end of this little epic that I had in “ God's Own Country”.. nd took me through all the north, the south, the very subcontinent the world addresses.

Today I can proudly say that I have the confidence to face even a top official in an organization & speak to him without the fear of me being just an insignificant pair of dice in a decider.!

Listen to what life has to offer, dream of tomorrow, live for today.... last for the next second...breathe now... enjoy history.. economics were for the presidents..geography was for dreamers & I lived today... looking for tomorrow & my journey streams on.!! Till next time...!!


Ajay Padattil

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Screw em Up..!!

And yet another time... this title & the story behind this one was inspired. You don't have to guess dis one... Kovalam... beer...pubs...technical...import duties...lovely man in trivandrum & this globe is too small... an indica.... self ESTEEM...lovely idol of krishna adorning the very rooftop of this dudes house.... fashion music...trippiest of times ...& I can go on... this was my inspiration.

The title was a situation when you go out & out on something but sumthing strikes you very sorrily to stare in your face& tell you one were never a link in the chain!!

When you actually give something to an organization & u do expect it to give you sumthin in return for the first time in your life....a small thing... probably just the case of one damn day... and the organization says “ I have to think & will get back to you”...I feel lie the people I have been selling its ( pronounced “ The Organization's”) skill sets when I knew It was worth emeralds but I still could deliver Rubies.... but I dint bother with the rubies coz its my family I'm talking bout & representing here.

Today or shall I say “ Yesterday” woz the day I truly thought the saying “ No Organization Shut coz the resources quit” felt so close to my heart that I regret so much so that I have to bring out the stupid consultant in me to my organization as well. HELL!! Its best to keep personal away from business 4 damn sure..!!

Today just confirmed my worst fears of turning into a pawn in the system, when a job that I was given... put my 100% for the first time in my epic saga with this family & godmother just decided to turn the tables SAFELY!!.. Thought alwayz that there would've been a reason for this to happen.. But an entire 24 hrs couldn't convince me I was right about the reason part.

Never did wanna leave on a bad note.... and I shouldn't ...Coz I don't like the corporate part of me... coz that just isnt ME or US or WE...but I guess like Mr. Anil Kapoor says during the climax of the movie 'Nayak'.. 'Aakhir Aapne Mujhe Politician Ban Hi Diya na..?!'... True to the very last 'na'!

A journey that lasted sweet three years & I would dedicate the spirit of my living thru, these to my soulmates HAAAL, my sweethearts '12' & my 'Godmother'. Sweet Sweet experiences & stories & times... I'd cherish forever.!

Another quote that I alwayz pondered on was “ Criminals are never born, situations make them that”.. I never believed in this crap until today... just that my weapons would be denial and distrust. Revenge is never an answer to anything.

“ Screw em Up!!”.. I wish I could, would & should. But I guess when you are a famliy, you gotta forgive and forget... But again I aint GOD... nd none of us are. But me I'd say to myself... Let these times pass ,for we have the past with this ancestorial joy to live upon.!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Drawn apart by two swords distinct
Dim seems the light that lights the crystal

Laying off things that meant the world to humans
Laggin still seems the past for one tomorrow

Listenin to instances far & narrow
Lamenting on icebergs tippin off for heat

Degrees & counting claim lives of innocence
Diminishing families still cry these prayers

Amazing would be listing melodies
Astounding scream people in the 70's

Love life & grasp these moments
Live happy & gloat this very second.!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

View This..!!

Listing things that most humans would look scornfully at i.e. hate, loyalty, weakness, caste, money, racism, discrimination, class, emotions, bluntness etc... Aint all of this stuff purely materialistic..?! If it isnt then its human to want more. If it is... then probably its close to “ Welcome aboard”.

When I do think bout stuff like racism or discrimination for that matter, its something which would relate closely to a belief which some people would call unreal & some others would call stupidity.

Forrest Gump once said “ Stupid is as stupid does”. I never did contemplate on that dialogue or never did I stop to wonder what he would've actually meant reciting dat piece of literature.

But tonight I do realize one thing.... that piece of literature was something which would tell the world “ The thing that you are is exactly the thing that you do”... or as they say in Shakespearean Language” As you sow so shall you reap” put it more bluntly, “ If you do stupid stuff you are stupid”...” if you do idiotic stuff are an idiot”...”if you do logical never are practical”...

Well I've run outta philosophy & words coz my dictionary is kinda exhausted & like a friend of mine said “ Gimme a copy of ur dictionary & I'd probably try to figure out half of wot u wanted to say..!! lol”.

My fault “ My pen isnt runnin outta ink”..My fault “ I try to stupify stuff”... Again this is the predecessor to the state of mind I would classify as “ blanatha” but I guess the whole thing is worth it.

The sun would shine tomorrow... The moon would still borrow.. If you & I live still in sorrow... Damn this burrow... Earth is narrow... I'd still Maro.?!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Beginning to believe the landships of earth
Beginning to feel the smartness of Aliens by heart

Beginning to think of life from a different perspective
Beginning to mend ways to start differently

Beginning to gaze at the blue skies & wish purity
Beginning to wonder when oxygen would be regenerated

Beginning to worry about the future first
Beginning to put the past behind few tunes

Beginning to treat things & prioritize
Beginning to wish life was a little fairer

All the above mentioned things are for angels
We still continue to live as the neighbour of the beast..!!

Ajay Padattil

Peter Paul & MARY.. v miss ya.!!

I was walking down that path again
Which surely screamed no pain no gain

The whistle blows way away from here
A lemon tree so yellow its still satire

Blowing in the wind did shoot up lives
Puff the magic dragon sings one tonite

The Wedding Song did top the charts oh so well
When I die the world will cry & it did so swell

Leaving on a jet plane stirs ones symphony
I dig Rock n Roll plays different Adamantly

Started this out as lyrics for a melody
Couldn't stop myself from a tribute to her....Mary!!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 12 March 2010

Main Aur Meri Methyl Alcohol.!!

During my school days, in the chemistry lab I did hear of this element called ' Methyl Alcohol '. I used to wonder why this was called so when Alcohol was considered to be an evil substance. My curiosity was at its epitome when I learnt that this decomposes straight into something called 'ethyl alcohol' which at a later point in life would be known as THE SPIRIT.

Probably why people call it evil is because if consumed in large amounts this could prove fatal in many ways both to oneself & to the other souls too.The fatality caused to oneself could be summarized as one or more organs failing to function or to simply put it “ Screwed”. The fatality to other souls could come in many forms, the first being accidents.

The wind I've heard enhances the very essence of this substance called alcohol after consumption. The swaying of a human is bound to happen if consumed in smaller but large amounts leading to the state we call the “ Unknown”. In this state a human finds his home on a footpath or even places which would be unknown to him the following morning.

The good thing about this element is it is not biased i.e. gender no bar, caste no bar, religion no bar etc.... lol.

The other state of mind after consumption would culminate in violence ( I haven't understood the base of this emotion to ). When this emotion is triggered, a state of superiority complex & extreme power takes control of the human mind or so they It causes people to behave in such an annoying manner coz they think they r supreme & the iceberg that titanic hit sounds like a spot on the moon.

The reactions in the morning would consist of amnesia, Blanatha & to some.... a sever headache ( feels the head is too damn heavy to carry).

This word “ Blanatha” was an addition to my dictionary very recently. It is defined as the slow feeling, lack of enthusiasm felt by a human body and mind in the morning after an overdose of “ Ethyl Alcohol “ during the previous

The headache state of affairs could be summed up as a HANGOVER which most define as situations varying from falling randomly asleep to a headache so huge that a shark bite would sound minuscule.

On an empty stomach, the SPIRIT seems to kick in more easily & results in the complete “ SWITCH OFF ” of a human body progressing into a world only that human can define at that particular point in time.

Some say, it also triggers music into the soul & mind. I've been there, done that & OH! Its true to the very last ”C”.

It does feel beautiful to speak to people you care about. A sense of truthfulness is ushered in without a doubt. Things & emotions are mixed so neatly that it just seems perfect.

A social gathering some might call certain nights when you can't enjoy your drink & end up prancing up and down with jus that drink to adorn your fingers. All sophisticated

Then there are times whe you decide a couple of em are good enough but end up sleeping the next day. At these times stuff that were never talked about previously crop in & a discussion happens ( this would put the UN conferences to Decisions made, journeys to go on, places to see & newer “ Glassmates” is what we refer to this in our countryside.

I would end this here coz of various reasons , the first one being “ Blanatha”.!


Ajay Padattil

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Willow would sound this scratch from d master blade
With the greener pastures callin out to the very bright nd talented

Wastin time would still seem like a distant horizon
Softly but sweetly blast from the past say some

Wallowed within so many gusts of this symphony sounds unfair yea.?!
Withered within these winnin spirits would darken todays and nites

Winners all say some ppl outta der minds but sane
Participate and all r winners speak the logic which sounds absurd

Wade along the swans of the lame lake of joy
Morgan's law of averages still shines bright as the moon

Lost in the sanity of this moment and i still remain indebted to the sunrise
Lavishly tho... i would gather all the courage to face the very brunt of idiocracy

Standing tall still seems like a beat too far for this beast
Will i pay for this one or shall sarcasm rule the ozone layer.?! lol.!

Smashin stuff still talk the heads of this moment
Swiflty but elegantly this phase passes by..!

Play these babies like they would never live for tomorrow
Hold em like dey would live yesterday in lieu of Today.!!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

No cast, No religion, Human bar baar..!!

Kabhi mushkile aise aati hai ki
Kaash humse koi itne paas rehte ki

Kam hamesha lage ye waqt phir bhi
Kaise bhoole ek “ Baby on Board”?!

Kitna khaas lagta hai yeh sama par
Khafa honge duniya ke bohot log aaj phir

Knives & Jumps did adorn the past two days
Kickass smiles still brighten the day tonight

“ Kaise” would still doubt most phir bhi
“ Kando” ennu parayum people who see abhi

“ Kasa Aahes!” still asks me to this day
Bara aahes, Sugam, Mast hai! unite this galaxy

Ajay Padattil

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Veranda of Elite.!

I'm starting dis at d veranda of a medical trust which is scorching hot in d middle of d very summer dat every human being detests tobe a part of... does this mean v would cease 2 live.?! V jus look 4 dat one soothing breeze dat eminates 4m d one invention v would thank another bright human 4.. As I woz sittin here right from where d sun was burnin 2 d moon givin d heat a run for its money, I hav realised one thing.. d human life can change in jus a fraction of a second..4m a family whose mom sent shivers down everybodys spine durin a weddin 2 my very own blood who couldnt sleep a while ago due to a blasted tyre...and 2 me after all des yrs..still grazing d corridors of a hospital...but dis time I aint d victim..ppl say thank god its jus this much...but iv been thru dat much previously spoken of and it isnt jus dat actually kills u 2 think of all the oder fab souls dat ease ur way thru jus dat much and d troubles u put em thru. But then again u hav a shameless being lyin within u 2 xplore even newer horizons of shamelessness...nd der is another dat is willing to learn from d bitter shameless nd irresponsible being nd graduate 2 another stage that beings refer to as maturity...again 2 many levels 2 think about...2 much at dis wee hr... but at d end of d day if d balance between d 2 are made..i guess it isnt 2 bad..d shamelessness would ensure d mischief factor nd maturity would ensure d naughty living organism not goin overboard....stupid concept...but yea.. chose it, live it, reap it...CheerS!

Ajay Padattil

Infamously Blind..!

A change isn't a matinée
A life aint a mystery

A smashing pane aint a daisy
A swift leave isnt too blunt a flimsy

A junkie would play so many tunes
A film would put so many tunes

A chic melody would b anatomy
A drift would blow some wind

A cacophony would bristle 2 many brushing rants
A hit 2 many could read the head upset

A lane 2 far sings d piano
A question 4ever speaks a symphony

A word would keep me corporate!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 12 February 2010

Weeks..Gone by.!!

Two weeks of glory would actually seem too much for me to handle...but theses two weeks were truly vociferous .

I'l start with a Thursday, coz most of the other days in a week still seem a mystery to me. Call it kerala or the I guess did divulge a sense of drained thoughts &heartless when a human being did give me company virtually as dawn breaks into something which would soothe me till this second... The human did leave me midway (Hint ..hint..!!)

the next day from 8 to 6 was pretty eventful with all the “Chai & Sutta” breaks...a lotta smiles gone bewilder & songs to sing & technology to fulfill... The time after about say 7 was one of those unforgettable nights when Mr Jayachandran as I would call him joined us in the wee hrs right before he had to bid bon voyage to all of us since we were trippin on his booze after the dark sinner with coke we had already given up

The night doesnt seem to end there...with more of the dark sinner glorifying our sinister times before which a lotta technical stuff,industry specific dreams glazing the very breeze of this moment...Exports, Excise.... I wouldnt dare to reveal but what a night that could unravel.

The following nights would be saga in itself. A whole day of uselessness until the afternoon where my soul mate drives right into my porch & walks in with a sly smile sayin “ bout some beer to spice the blaring hot *#@$*@in sun.?!”.... And I was known to never say “ No..!!”. & so began the “ super strong” journey to the windmills & beyond.

“ walkable distance” & “ truly Disappointing” still rings to this date when a twisted ankle & waterfalls were the only hope of a trip that, bought in dreams of “ Indira Gandhi” & ” Sharukh Khan”. Windy... Oh yes.!! Windy as hell was that night.

The trip back... The “ puttu” & “ Mutton Char”...Boy.. would be one unforgettable experience to sum up acting the press, borrowing shampoo, peein in the most unsolicited places , sacrificing the one thing humans would value the most... individualism...not to portray blasphemy... after all I got Mr Guruvayuraapan& Mr Jesus Christ adorning my neck..hehehehe.

The next week I guess did go pretty eventful with all the breaks that I did talk bout earlier but I guess I was a daft bit caught up wid issues of my own which would take an eternity to reiterate at this point ( Did you know “ reiterate” was a synonym for “Duplicate”

And comes the Friday. Now i'm actually confused as to whether I should “ Thank God it's Friday” or not... But this one I would definitely be grateful for... Ask me Why.?!

I got to witness one of the marriages of a lifetime as I would consider the groom to be the loveliest, most amazingly true to believe humans in this era& beyond.... Anuroop is his name & hayabusa is his game... the bride was the most cheerful darling of a gal I have seen in one so many of my 27( too small)

“ Made for each other”.. would be an understatement... “ Perfect.. Impossibly Correct & Suited” would best fit this couple. My happiness knew no bounds as i'd gone down for their engagement ages ago when i'd decided I had to see this marriage & the reception for myself.

As I told a sweetheart of mine “ I wish the camera could capture all those moments a human eye could!!”. I actually wish all of you could see what I did. Perfection, Happiness, Innocence, Purity, Sanity, Togetherness, Brightness, Bliss....I'm running short of words as to how I would sum the very experience.

And yet another week passes by strumming on my harps of being busy & being happy.... But i'd say, the sweetheart would brighten my days of humidity & my soul mate would be the very essence of this effect.

A brief stint in chennai & back would actually bring me back to the professional I didn't want to be , but “ Kismat hai G*@&$du to Kya Karega Pandu” And I'm back....hehehe

“Everybody's definitely got their comfort zone” says “ some wise men”...True... False.. Suit yourself i'd says I..!!

The week hasn't passed, and its Thursday... I'm actually writing in this diary, the page of which says 29th January 2009 & beat the coincidence.... its a Thursday

An eventful day where I did login to gmail at approx 4:30 pm ..coz..
1.I wasnt on my seat ( As Alwayz)
2.I had work( once in a while)
3.I had some work ( Most of the time)
4.I had a hell lotta work ( Once in a blue moon)

The (4) was my case today & the sweetheart I'd mentioned a while ago was impossibly busy, my soulmate was not in town& the man with the plan( a new character) would be off for 2 months

The dusk happens & we all have to set out ona voyage none of us have foreseen or planned( I love this ind of an expedition).. We reach... Welcomed with one of the best mango juices in human history... Foray on a walk in the Car.. Couple of spirits adorning our evening.. asilent breeze to foretell our existence... We reach back... Greeted warmly with some fresh “ Kallu” & “ chicken”... a few minutes we get to sniff the warm trinkets of the dark sinner again... this time it was imported. Boy was it smooth. Another dude was actually hooked & we go to witness it tomorrow.

Hospitality at its best... Events falling out as dominoes would be ashamed to assemble... ridin back... a lot of words ( not hateful but playful) exchanged... Lotta people switching places to hold those 4 gears... Lotsa vehicles moving side by side... As my friend would put it & of so befitting.

“To express friendship, one should alwayz strangle another neck while he's driving”.

Eventful, was it, is it,,, would it be & I would say YES!!!!

A trail of thoughts, Two weeks of happening stuff... A wheel full of surprises... Dashingly surprising.

All Random words put together from a dictionary huh.?!?!
Ajay Padattil

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Erased half of my memories I would say.
Erasing more than half of my utmost desires.
Erasing mighty 80% of fantasies I'd learn to live without.
Easing thoughts flowing through my veins right now.
A singing mystery still to conquer would be a dream too far.
Sing a tune which sounds bugles to one too many.
“ Ing “ is something we would add to most of the events that would be the present.
“ ng “ would summarize “ not given” to most of us living this time.
“ g ” pronounced in Hindi would either mean “ Yes Sir” or “ Yes Ma'am ”..hahahah!!

When we do fill our life with dreams which sound good hypothetically, we wonder “ What if.!? ” or “ If it was, nothing better !!” . And then at some points in life, we do feel that this is the time every lavish performer fulfills the luxurious dominance to the fullest. Dreams & fancies have always been something every human would love to live across.

What have humans dreamt of always remains a mystery to me. Lot of faces, Lot of characters, Lot of thoughts would speak of a totally different point in this regard.

Some would actually dream of a big house, a big car, a cute wife, a decent fortune, a flourishing career etc... Al; the points I'd talk bout in the previous sentence seems to be a common factor for all the homosapiens we know, yea?! ( The wifes could also be translated to a husband as you may please)

I still wonder bout what the penguins would do if all the glaciers in Antarctica melt on one fine day.?!

I still wonder what a squirrel would do( for that matter humans too) if the temperature blasts past 50 degrees average?!

I still wonder as to what the trees would do if there is actually an ozone hole created all over the earth?!

I still wonder, if the solar eclipse can never be witnessed again, what would happen to the sun.?!

I still wonder where a road would end without a street light to adorn it.?!

I still wonder, if 30 % of the earth is the ocean why isn't 70 % of what we see be the beaches.?

I still wonder what causes the echo in an empty room just as it sounds off a cliff.?!

All these I guess are just elements of life which ;life has no answers to, but are accepted as something that would always be designated as “ Let it happen & we'll see where it goes”

Wake up..Tip off..Save the penguins..Save the earth..Save our home...aaaaah.!! Hello!!

Ajay Padattil

Friday, 15 January 2010


Why is it alwayz an adventure when people actually say “NO” to a thing.?!

Why is the earth not a plain sphere.?!

Why would most of the people curse religion when the basic sound of trust has disappeared ?!

Why has listenin to your heart been replaced with logic?!

Why has oxygen become the most important thing humans ever wanted?!

Why have people turned from Classic Rock to Death Metal?!

Why has death become the most terrifying thing when you've got your whole life to ahead?!

Why has time travel alwayz been a myth when the past seems unforgettable.?!

Why “would” “will” “was” “want” “wish” “will” have alwayz been elements of doubt.?!

Why did the dinosaurs grow extinct when our future generations would still speak about them?!

Why are bats blind but still can negotiate & traverse paths a human still strives to.?!

Why is an Apple called an Apple when “ A” could've been sumthing else.?!

Why are the primary colors still Red Blue Green.?!

Why is Why called Why..Who is the first to have discovered doubt.?!

Why did Adam eat that apple.?!

Why hasn't rest of the apple been found if half of it is in a man's throat.?!

Why don't parallel lines meet ever even if we tried to concur it.?!

Why does '0' on the left have no value.?!

Why doesn't a frog think like a human as just another being.?!

Why are rabid dogs rabid.?!

Why do we use the phrase “ Why on earth!!” to summarize something negative.?!

“Why”...So many tales to tell& still remains a mystery to me as to why there are so many “ Whys” in the planet of the most intelligent beings(humans).

Does this mean our knowledge has actually got its limits(boundaries) or extra-terrestrial, paranormal activity does leave us in awe?!

Ajay Padattil

Immortality ..A Gift or A Curse.!!

An Eternity to fulfill & I's be scanty
An owl lying low & I'd be array

Nothing talking beastly but I'd sacrifice
Nothing scandalizing but I'd say happening

Left the whole sarcasm apart
Left the bystanders loving still smart

Mentioning the hands of the spirit worthwhile
Mentioning the leaps of daffodils meanwhile

Souls of lasting memories still bind
Souls of breached arrows stand kind

Gladly so & I would foresee
Gladly speakin of those Random Galantry

Random giftless times still I live
Random smiles to see & yet I conceive

Drifting waves of the sun tomorrow
Drifting breeze of the lapse so hollow

Immortality sounds a hefty price to pay
Immortality defines tomorrow but live 4 today.!!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Life is Glorious ....(Part V).!!

And I begin my journey in2 the new year not 2009 but 2010 & whoa!! wot a begin to it.

I sit & watch as people come & go. Restlessness probably like one of my friends wrote as he started out on a new venture, probably something every human would try to at the begin of every year that seems to be new & promising. “ Manchaadikootam” he named it & so. He says its a collection of memories( naughty & not). And I must say he has written it most damn beautifully. This is when you feel that just like music, even ideas have no barriers I.e. language to be specifically pointed out at.

As he reiterated his experiences right from his grandma being an elegant & poise lady to the very fact that he still is growing into a nostalgic cyst of a creature waiting to break out from his shell to explore the newer horizons that probably this galaxy is worth more than. It is amazing though when you start to write, you wonder what,when, where, why you gonna begin at and it jus ends up as one heck of a creation that even you would probably rub your nose into & relise the anomaly this would probably unravel.

Its the shouts of glory & excitement that ushers in every 1st of January. Some wander around having absolutely no sense of whats going on in and around the same vicinity that one stands, still others sleeping their way into the new year.

Amazingly so, the human brain does end up instructing the heart to do what he/she loves to do at that very moment. The human brain too is a force to reckin with, rather NOT!! coz even the minimal amount of excitement prediction, medium quantities of smashing, maximum effect of sarcasm would be handled in different extremities of the very same prism.

The transition phase of the adolescence to adult could probably be the most difficult phases a human would live to see. I would categorize this period as anywhere between two years to 5 & a half years.

Nothing between these years seem right for some but for another sect of humans this would be the bible, yet another clan would call it the rest of the apple Mr. Adam ( Technically Father of the nation called earth) ate. The rest of the generation would just live it like they have lived it up for the past 22 ½ years.

Its funny sometimes all those influx of weird iddeas that come into the head at this point in time, the transition period i.e.. As I was watching a movie which spoke of three such humans who didn't think of sleeping or guidelines & cooked up this idea of “Why couldn't we just use pencils instead of spending a fortune trying to create an ink which wouldn't solidify in the absence of air”

When I was passing thro. The same phase, low waist apparels, jazzy belts, funky watches were the stuff thought to be the most sought after & to admit I was one of them & boy did I enjoy it.... oops forgot the hair stuck with glue ( Gel Humans called it). I still wonder how all of these mattered the world to certain humans ( Not excluding myself).

Call it Idiocy, madness, vanity..would come close to this phase. Probably when eminem, Tupas & puff daddy set the floor on fire. Wot did they call it den? “ Yo! Momma! Lets shake some booty Yo!!”...hahahah. The greeting note of “ SSSsssssup!!” stands strong to this day.

An ode to joy were those days if you'd ask me . A huge gang of people still waiting to ask their “ True Love” for a cup of coffee and still others enjoying their drink with complete random strangers who'l have a story to tell later on & so many other random characters knowing not where their life would end up & straining to live life for this very split second.

For most people this is either the time dey'd graduated from any course they were pursuing until this very moment. Some others struggling to rid themselves of the same very course enjoying everything except the ( I laughed at myself on this one)

Making my foundation strong would be my justification & I so love cheap

But probably this was the time which inspired a no books, no authoring, no literature, confused idiot to pick up his pen & glorify these moments.

Broke many a bones & minds of millions of unnoticing bystanders. Confusion about where to fit in probably was the criminal...hahahha... (Again Cheap Thrills).

Me, my sis & my dad invented a completely new language , a new story to live in & it still holds strong as I write this too... I'd probably speak of it at a later point in time. This whole book wouldn't suffice for the sheer glory of that saga.

Awsome scintillating deodorants, perfumes, nicotine sticks would accompany most of the confused but blissful beings of that hour. Butterflies in the stomach when the alluring beauty of the opposite sez breezes by would add sum glamour to ice this note.

The feeling of the butterflies rumbling or much rather fluttering could also be gained outta a roller coaster but then it wouldn't stimulate your mind & heart alike as well.

Lotta notions put your mind & heart in doubt at this very point ( As rejection is outta the question & you've just been crowned Mr/Ms Universe or Some actually gather up all the guts to go up2 the best thing you've ever witnessed & say sumthing which would be an exact antonym of what one was planning an eternity on preparing. This phase could briefly be annoted & erased as “ The Making-A-Fool-Of Phase”. Brings back memories.??!

Later on in life when you look at stuff like these, they do definitely bring a smile ( The curve that sets things straight) back to your busy

This Making-A-Fool-Of phase does turn out to be fruitful for some goin ahead & making a family outta it. Still others have many a more Making-A-Fool-Of & still manage to stay single at the end of it. Blissful bachelordom aint it?!...hahah

Till then I.le. When you do manage to get a “Yes” which delivers you from the “ Making-A -Fool-Of” phase, you find out that all the people who would've never glanced at you for a second time deliver n no. of glances makin your deliverer scan your That too is a fun phase when you do actually fool around just to see that change of expression.

Having a gang, partying the night out do tend to leave nostalgic scars which even if tried to erase( which you shouldn't) just doesn't seem to leave you.

Millions of excuses made to your creator, screwing around with any living being to have set foot on earth,feeling the deep breath grazing your shoulders, the dryness of the throat, the butterflies in your stomach, the high speed thrill trips, the wildest of screams, the beautiful but real chaos of emotions, the want to do so much but falling short of time would sum up the fact that life ain't no pain, its pure glamorous....Oops! Glorious... CheerS!!

Ajay Padattil

Monday, 4 January 2010

Bygones & Silhouettes..!!

Wellness & Bright talks this year forth
A Blissful stride north would breathe now

Go ahead pull your horns & pack your stuff
Lazily tho & too good to be true

A night marred by rain but successful
Unplanned but fantabulous still a mystery

A pack of sweethearts dancing to your tunes
A dozen nicotine sticks to deny the Jizzy

Living up the next day sounds a timothy
Living spirits still sing a merry lamb

Twinkles scream the guy on the next table
Tequila scream us on this conference

A walk downtown with lights bedazzling
Porrota & Butter chicken seal the night

Mr Monk did enlighten s a bit too much
Tabs played would sink in deep & so

As my soulmate & me did dissolve these ahead
Silent shadows lurk still in the woods

Happy new year sounds 1 day after
The day to celebrate still sounds strong

The year promising a lifetime of happiness
Join me & the devil shall forgive.!!

Ajay Padattil