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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Life is Glorious..!!

This title was inspired!! when I was told about this title, I was supposed to write it for an *th std adult. Now I come to think about it & it strikes me that this was a topic I would've loved to write about all of my life but just dint get the right nuance to pin me. Tonight I dunno which moment or what event or wot colors actually inspired me to.

As I see it, everybody's come a long way from lollipops & candies(not that they still don't fascinate me.. but the philosophical In the two paragraphs I wrote for the original, I did keep stressing on the different colors life put you through.

I'd oodled bout the rainbow, the emotions, the tests that life put you through but termed life as the ultimate epitome of gloriousness.

Very recently sumbody I know real close quoted “ Everyday is a good day & Every time is a good time” & upon that moment & a bit of soul searching(Beep ...Beep..Heavy words not used to using!!) I realized,it's true to the very last “S”.

the time a human opens his eyes to witness all the “RGB” to blend with the monochrome that I lovingly call Black & White, we see different combinations of the primary colors to capture beauty even the modernest of gadgets would take an eternity to capture.

The one thing those devices would never be able to do is “Feel” , nd that is the dimension that non-living things would never comprehend or enjoy.

When we talk bout feelings, what is the first thing that comes to the limelight.?! Not wot we are experiencing right now, but I'm talking bout the purity with which we looked at that fan swiveling above us not realizing that this would be sumthing that would provide oxygen & carbon dioxide at the same time.

The Rainbows remind me of one thing “VIBGYOR”..not the colors but “Vision In Big Gigs Yearn Olden Realms”...putting it simply.. the present dwells on the past & most of us cherish them.

In the original I again spawned upon the emotions ranging from when you do sumthing childishly immoral to when your folks promise to get you chocolate later that evening.

It goes through a cycle where you probably get a pencil from a friend of yours at school,claim its been”given to you forever” when questioned by ur folks, advised never to do it again...shouting back..scolded at..still shouting back..grounded...still shouting back..a warning with a cane(which your innocence perceives as “Wouldn't be”)...still shouting back..cane falling..shouting transforming within split milliseconds to tears, not crying to show you are macho...a cold look...burst into tears..not minding..howl loudly...still not minding,....howl louder (a cry the neighbors would call the 100 because Folks give in...the hurt puppy look...folks feel bad....the smile(cute lil innocent devil)...folks ask you “never to do it again...its wrong”...Saying “yes”...Folks turning around...Running behind them showing your sorry face...chocolate closed.

The above was a single little situation I think I loved to play & learnt a lot too. I loved the “Love”...te “Glory”..the “Experience”..the “warmth”...the “Discovery”... Rather the “Lesson Learnt”. This woz a situation I had summarized into two lines(A sentence to be precise) in the
All the small lil perfect moments in life teach you so much, just that its a lot later that v realize.

To be contd.....

Ajay Padattil