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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Somehow SMilar..!!

Snapping at the smallest of differences
Smilin at the snappiest of slopiness

Swiftly as I would smiliest of laundering
Sincerely as I would dare swiftness of time

Slantly I would but sincerliest of admit
Slyly I would detour the slantiest of similes

Standing up to the slyliest of similarities
Scorn the mightiest, standiest to tryst

Silliest of linearity but scorniest of inspirations
Saline to the core but the silliest survive

Salvation would tone the salinity of dreams
Silt would solve the salviest of mysteries

Skipping right to the siltest of reality
Smiling would skip the truth of fatality..!

Ajay Padattil