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Friday, 18 September 2009


I alwayz thought i should write sumthing that human beings understand...hehehe..My handwritin is too damn sad,probably why i hid behind this dirty vocabulary of mine. Truly speaking when i started writing this all i could think of was a bit of paper & a pen that i wouldnt find if not. Doesnt sound one bit impressive but what the hell,at 1:00 am in the morning nothing would,not even a bit of bubblegum chewing to damn sarcastic yea.? I havent even thought bout the previous sentence ,coz it surely sounds too absurd to even get close to t\reality. Simple could mean different things,chronologically speakin,as a friend of mine said,aint statin his name coz i guess hes a lil scared of being photographed & appearing on page when we speak bout Mr. Columbus ( Christopher )(dont even know if dat was his first name),discovered Red Indians,he did know India existed yea.? So who was Vasco Da gama.?!?? interested or Grossed out. I wouldnt ask you to read on...but your wish is my command...thinkin bout whoever invented that piece of the dialogue. Mysterious aint it, The Columbus Part.!! Coming back to simple... you are simple...I am simple...The language is simple...Words are....sentences are....the grammar is...honey is...sugar is....If all these were wot you call simple was there,wouldnt be sumthing called sarcasm & criticism. I'm not even sure of sure if the pronunciations or spellings of half the stuff I'm writing is correct or semantically alright,but is the flow of this pen...? Black ink by the Way. aah I do hear this instrument called the flute playing right now. sounds simple but im sure there wouldnt be one note that i can play right,but to my ears,they just sound so simple & beautiful.
Now we started off at simple,but this thing kinda got outta the way & descended to my stupid thoughts yea.?!?!
Simple could simply be put as something that can be deciphered without a cerebrum actually being in sync with that one small little heartbeat ,without which a human could be reduced to one small little smitten insatiable entity. Now dat previous sentence if i do read tomorrow morning would make absolutely zilch sense to me but still. To put simple in simple terms,it would be sumthing that a human being would read or hear or see & would register in his/her brain as specific digital/analog signals that would stimulate the feeling of satisfaction or a sense of pleasure releasing 1/10th of the dopamine that the brain couldnt criticize. Damn i''m still going into the same trance that i used to write my poems with & saturate the very essence of existence.
I seriously thought that i should en this at one page of the very notepad that your looking for. "Warning": "Caution" -> there is no summary to this COMPREHENSION. No heroes,no heroines,No villains,No relatives,No emotions, No tragedy,No action,No melodramatic Scenes, no Colour, no Dreams, No expectations, No Camera, No Lights, No Cut.... Would that sound Complicated or Plain Simple.?!
Ajay Padattil