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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bricks of Sand..!!

Stiffness and barrows seem far and wide.
Sarcasm and philosophy string wide and far

Blasting glories speak a word too many
My words were lost sumplace not too far away

Breezy dreamy gusts of wind
Rainy wet smell of the soil

Brings with it a new ray of hope
The sun too far,the heat too low

When this would reach the zenith yet to fathom
Knots and Nots scream the unknown

Blissfull fantasies catch the faster still
Drawn to temptation one too sweet

Bricks of sand solidifies widout a doubt
Illusions of a beautiful minute seems a dream

Infinity is the sound of the present
The image of the present sounds too free.!
Ajay Padattil