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Friday, 10 April 2009

Once More..!!

Swiveling dreams haunt one too many
Scattered on the asphalt lie pieces of the jigsaw

A war claim many but souls far & wide
Destiny say some, withered times many others

As you sow, so shall you reap aint the cries
Wallowed trysts with mankind slam the brakes

Step on the gas was a thought alas
Alarming was the sight smashed the cast

Picture perfect survival stammers fate
Laughing out loud, would these humans reincarnate?

Survived with abrasions read the papers
Yet one more, life still aint a mistake

Ajay Padattil

To Them With Love..!!

As you see the gushing past winds
So you draw the streaming by dreams

Sitting for all eternity with your back to the wall
Wondering if life pulls you ahead & follow

Neither of you arms willing to handle you
Your stilts refusing to balance your torso

People move on with us to follow
The balance is there & your mind stalls

Freedom from an infinite period of rest
Wishes that these times last but not this way

Well wishers & happiness seems perfect
The reason you were here in this world seems like the reason to live today

Ajay Padattil