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Saturday, 28 February 2009

The S!

Seamless beauties this life has to offer far and wide
Scarce seems the subtle horses of these diagonals

Stiffness aint the battle of these dreams
Since these times the sound of sanity seems distant

Silently killing dreams of mankind was the apple inevitable
Smirking at existence was the Pandora’s supple box of promises

Swift as this serenity of scruples promise my soul
Stillness of this wave dance wide and far

Sill of this flute playing the notes fairly supernatural
Sail on this differential say many a few

Sigh! Goes the tyrant of Neptune so close
Sane sounds ringing no bells close to sanctity

Swing & Sway shouts the immaturity of this epithet
Silencing this night still sounds a daft unreal!

Ajay Padattil

Distant Sarcasm!

Stifled and wailing goes these days so traid
Smothered by the fluffy sails weigh these brittle mettle

Mastering the sands of baffling scarcity with audacity
Lifting the parades of this carnival seems so distant

Later in the canisters of plasma this later seems
Scaling the heights of destiny this rather proceeds

Saline seems the distant tunnel of cardinality
Loathing seems a crazy thing of solidarity

Live on!! screams the bronze of severity
Threatening the very existence of sarcasm life brays on

Laughing at this curbs lasting essence of this tunic
Drafting lasting drowsy flimsy staffs aint a sweep so nasty

Lay down and scrape the sinister saddle
Lost and Found sound the beguls of TIME.!

Ajay Padattil