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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dreams & Beyond!

Dreams and beyond sounds a lot like how a wind gushes by and you don’t even realize wot hit you.!
Haven’t you had dat feeling before dat sumthin u actually feel has touched you and fleeted away without u knowin when where or y.?! Déjà vu define sum… An experience is wot many others address it as.! Giving a name to sumthin doesn’t seem to fill in the bracket for me.!
Sumbody playin the notes of music crystal clear, doesn’t seem to ring a bell with the human perceptionary indices.! It wouldn’t, coz there are so many others who feel the mere sense of existence lies with the sense of feel, emotion and cannibalism.!
Cannibalism could take many a form here.! Eatin ne entity dat exists as an individual also would be classified as a form of cannibalism.! IPC 123…sumthin… aint knowin the law.. but yea.. I guess the human soul would definitely second me on that.!
But missing the i.?! what we started off as a monochromatic world beyond realms unknown to mankind kinda turned into a place where checkers would sound like a game.!
Colorful vivid imaginations beyond worlds unknown seem to captivate the minds of these individuals I call humans . This is an intriguing concept as millions of beings (except humans) would be dreaming the very same dreams, failing to realize that concurrence wouldn’t be way beyond their reach. The humans that they look up2 (not for their size and mental capability) also think on the same lines! A breach in the thin framework of time.? Or a small lil incision in the whole wheel of fortune.?! It still remains an undecipherable phenonemenon.!
Color or monochrome, the world where these dreams take you seem to b unreal, magnificent, fantabulous say sum.! A world where you live a life of imaginations and fantasies… beyond the reach of a normal human existence. A place that all the things you ever wanted to do, come true… a place where u fly and there are a million others waitin to look up and say… here I am… hold on… il show u the world.!
Dazzling spirits dainted with pure unadulterated fragrance captivating the very essence of livelihood. Heavy.?! Yea …. Aint dreams dat way.?! Hard to understand but leaves a lasting impact I must say. And iv heard a lot of background scores dat play along with this… Wild chase scenes and mystery stuff.. A pleasantly lighted up sky playin the blues. All these coincide to bring one fact to our cerebellum.. Life has to be lived in this way.. Live the dream bubble.. Reality would strike..but play along.. an everlasting momento… I call life!
Ajay Padattil