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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Life is Glorious ( Part IV )..!!

Living life for about 27 yrs now would seem like a real loooong period to somebody who wouldn't have found the “ Bodh Gaya”...the “ Amrit Pathr”.. the “ immortality” that every human being or a living organism looks for ( The impact of having biology till bout the 10th std!! ).; To me , I gues, without being any of those eternal beings, living life was just an edge of the ccube we would call an “ Isomateism” .

“Is” would be an “isotope” .... “ tomate” sounded a lot like the “TOMATO” I ate earlier tonite & “ ism” is something that scientists alwayz designated a!!... to be blunt & true.... Analyzing the whole word, it means “ I lived it up to this second...wouldn't worry bout the next”.

When we pass through the 16 to 20 , we alwayz wonder how cool the snow would be or how awsome a nightout should be or how mindblowing the celebrity life could get. Looking at all those experiences, I wouldn't blame anybody who wished to be an actor, anchor, co-star , villain , a henchman, a side artiste, a dancer, a politician, a musician, a petitioner for the heck of it. All those kinda pressed against one fact... “ GLAMOUR”.

Owning a car, rampaging arounf the whole city, making the loudest of noises that the human ear would explode at, livin every 31st of december with ' Wine & Dine”, walking around with a cell phone, Breaking window panes, Savaging to the extent of the society stamping you an outcast, all of this would definitely bring all of these four years to one retrospect, labelling me or you as one heck of a

I seriously have no idea how to proceed with this but nevertheless I did feel like penning down dome worthless, useless, crappy words which I would call an outburst of adrenaline which I could've spent doing sumthing else (not worthwil) but dedicated ( NOT..!!!) to these random words which Shakespeare would mistake for “ Literature Gone Wrong..!!” ...hahahaha

Jeopardy, Dilemma, Confusion would define or much rather summarize wot a human would feel through these 4 years. But these four years actually do play the hero / heroine in life as to how it would proceed & shape up.

Movies, Dialogues, People, Situations, The spirit, the moon, the floor, the illumination, the ambience & a million other reasons which kinda inspired me to write bout sumthing so trivial.

“Impossible is something that I haven't taught her..!!” is one of those things that spun this wheel of insanity & it did( Surprise Surprise....!!).

Leaving these four years would definitely be tough but as sumbody said “ the only thing that one can't leave behind is Age”... the physicality of the situation has got absolutely nothing to do with the mental illness we call “ Zeal” tho....for

Lamenting on past times nor the future actually sufficed for any of those aspirations that a human found necessary. This is for just a simple reason that thepresent would definitely look like this second, which you would repeat...if defined bygones.

Life would definitely sound glorious...past these 4 years that I was harping on but .....Wohooooo.!! Take 4 of these away from anybody & wouldn't you have misssed an eternity of Frolic.!?!

Ajay Padattil

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