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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Life is Glorious ( Part IV )..!!

Living life for about 27 yrs now would seem like a real loooong period to somebody who wouldn't have found the “ Bodh Gaya”...the “ Amrit Pathr”.. the “ immortality” that every human being or a living organism looks for ( The impact of having biology till bout the 10th std!! ).; To me , I gues, without being any of those eternal beings, living life was just an edge of the ccube we would call an “ Isomateism” .

“Is” would be an “isotope” .... “ tomate” sounded a lot like the “TOMATO” I ate earlier tonite & “ ism” is something that scientists alwayz designated a!!... to be blunt & true.... Analyzing the whole word, it means “ I lived it up to this second...wouldn't worry bout the next”.

When we pass through the 16 to 20 , we alwayz wonder how cool the snow would be or how awsome a nightout should be or how mindblowing the celebrity life could get. Looking at all those experiences, I wouldn't blame anybody who wished to be an actor, anchor, co-star , villain , a henchman, a side artiste, a dancer, a politician, a musician, a petitioner for the heck of it. All those kinda pressed against one fact... “ GLAMOUR”.

Owning a car, rampaging arounf the whole city, making the loudest of noises that the human ear would explode at, livin every 31st of december with ' Wine & Dine”, walking around with a cell phone, Breaking window panes, Savaging to the extent of the society stamping you an outcast, all of this would definitely bring all of these four years to one retrospect, labelling me or you as one heck of a

I seriously have no idea how to proceed with this but nevertheless I did feel like penning down dome worthless, useless, crappy words which I would call an outburst of adrenaline which I could've spent doing sumthing else (not worthwil) but dedicated ( NOT..!!!) to these random words which Shakespeare would mistake for “ Literature Gone Wrong..!!” ...hahahaha

Jeopardy, Dilemma, Confusion would define or much rather summarize wot a human would feel through these 4 years. But these four years actually do play the hero / heroine in life as to how it would proceed & shape up.

Movies, Dialogues, People, Situations, The spirit, the moon, the floor, the illumination, the ambience & a million other reasons which kinda inspired me to write bout sumthing so trivial.

“Impossible is something that I haven't taught her..!!” is one of those things that spun this wheel of insanity & it did( Surprise Surprise....!!).

Leaving these four years would definitely be tough but as sumbody said “ the only thing that one can't leave behind is Age”... the physicality of the situation has got absolutely nothing to do with the mental illness we call “ Zeal” tho....for

Lamenting on past times nor the future actually sufficed for any of those aspirations that a human found necessary. This is for just a simple reason that thepresent would definitely look like this second, which you would repeat...if defined bygones.

Life would definitely sound glorious...past these 4 years that I was harping on but .....Wohooooo.!! Take 4 of these away from anybody & wouldn't you have misssed an eternity of Frolic.!?!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Relive the Beauty..!!

Glorification of history seems a mystery
Bifurcation of liberty seems a reality

Smashed spinners would weave a miracle
Laden speeds still a sinister trinket

Bells of gold & Silver flying through the deep
Woods so green & millions of words they speak

A path that treads itself into the unseen
a bridge descending still into the foreseen

The mornings with the sun so bright
The nights with the moon so shy

Slamming myths of the beast within
Shocking flings with the breeze forgiving

As history repeats itself over the name
Beautiful scenes bedazzle to this day.!!

Ajay Padattil

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Life is Glorious ( Part III )..!!

Maybe the previously written sarcasm would be so out of tune that I myself wouldn't be able to decipher.

Waste of words would be more like it & the English language sounds like an absolute waste of energy.

This time I think it should deal with sumthing which wouldn't lose the essence of the lollipop but would still beckon with pool & billiards or snooker as you would love to call it.

Growing up wasn't too difficult a task as I would trace my 27 years back to the time I found lollipops an element of absolute bliss.

Being caught stealing words
Being caught watching porn
being caught runnin away from boring lectures
Being caught trying to smuggle a note across a lotta peers to the one gal you cared about
Being caught speakin about sumthing trivial but so damn exciting as you try acting the adolescence bur still raging on puberty
Being caught trying to extend just 5 minutes of your sleep
Being caught for merely telling your soul-mate “ I love U”
Being caught for gorging “ Pani Puris” ( Hindi for “ Gol Guppas”) & not thinkin about the sad water it was filled with
Being caught for stretching a phone line so loong ( it would reach the moon) to just listen to 5 minutes of the one thing you've waited for an entire 5 minutes
Being caught for buying an eraser which looked like a car to an eraser which looked like an

Memory lane..that would be my perception of all those incidents which you could smile at this very moment but meant the bloody world to you way back then, nd I would def like to add a “ hhahahahahaha” to summarize em.

And en route all of this you do get to hear stuff like “ I told you so”... “ You would realise only when you have kids”... You're almost there but haven't stepped across or rather crossed the “ Line of Control” ...LOC as we lovingly address to in India( Mera bharat Mahan..nevertheless)

A box of chocolates , A bouquet of flowers , A Cut out looking like a tiger with a tail, A sweet smelling candle, A birthday wish, An anniversary (puppy love, A sweet kiss, A glance, A glimpse, An “ ishara”, A wink, A mushy letter, A teddy bear, A sarcastic remark ending in a hug speaks for all ages to this date & does evoke the slightest of emotions that humans refer to as a rush of adrenaline.

Isn't life a beautiful thing which takes you through all these ages but still reminds you of one trifle fact that if you don't feel these emotions, you ain't living it at all..?!

Dint feel like stretching it tonite...hahahahhahhaah

Ajay Padattil

Monday, 14 December 2009

Life is Glorious ( Part II )

The Weekend that never was..!!

This should have been the title of my next one..but gladly it isn' like all of us say an extended weekend...long lost times of life...A love that would never change.. A mystery that would never unravel itself...the whole journey could just be summarized in that one bit.

I still remember the day I packed my bags when I'd got the first command tellin me “ You're goin Clientele” , & I was so lookin forward to it w/o one small livin grasp of regret to beckon with ...& I did.

Starting with my journey this weekend (A huge loong one..) after a bloody looooooooooooooong while still would sound an irony. Why I haven't , should I have...” Stayin here is a lost chance”..would all sound true to the world but me.! But it all started on “ A Wednesday”(to be precise).

Curbing myself to 3 drinks, boarding a bus, pickin up a bottle of water(which I did say thanks for..) , listenin to blaring sounds with visuals bu slept gloriously, wakin up in the middle of the night to finding my destination, listenin to keeping the spirits alive, visiting a beach to having biryani in the night ( Prohibited in a jungle), joining one of the most awaited (amazingly true) weddings of this millennium to meeting a fellow blogger ( And boy I do admire the flow) , tripping on FOOD (way too amazing(Bright Mutton, Bright “Patiri”.. Awesomeness in itself)), the walk down memory lane so early in the month wid a deo & lifebuoy ( Tandurusti ki Raksha) , magic moments, water in a “LEHAR” bottle, the tube, the fan, this pillow, the TV & the mosquitoes( Bidding adieu , this pen to the very last word...................... I think I did have one well deserved ( NOT!!!) happening extended happy weekend ( Holiday..!!)

I did once again love the technicalities of this moment ( And I mean literally).. Just loved the ABAP burger I must say....and that is sumthing I don't think I'd ever get to know if I'd tried too as well ( Hats off to Chekavar...The guy is just SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICESPIALIDOCIOIUS)

Life just had to be glorious as one may expect... Its sumthing that one would learn through passing times & phases. Getting philosophical again huh...?! But what the heaven...! Its just me... the people we meet, the times goin by, the stories that would register itself as one niched cacophony ( After all confusion would deliver us unto absolute fascination) , and one thing to surpass all “ living it”

to be contd..!!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Life is Glorious..!!

This title was inspired!! when I was told about this title, I was supposed to write it for an *th std adult. Now I come to think about it & it strikes me that this was a topic I would've loved to write about all of my life but just dint get the right nuance to pin me. Tonight I dunno which moment or what event or wot colors actually inspired me to.

As I see it, everybody's come a long way from lollipops & candies(not that they still don't fascinate me.. but the philosophical In the two paragraphs I wrote for the original, I did keep stressing on the different colors life put you through.

I'd oodled bout the rainbow, the emotions, the tests that life put you through but termed life as the ultimate epitome of gloriousness.

Very recently sumbody I know real close quoted “ Everyday is a good day & Every time is a good time” & upon that moment & a bit of soul searching(Beep ...Beep..Heavy words not used to using!!) I realized,it's true to the very last “S”.

the time a human opens his eyes to witness all the “RGB” to blend with the monochrome that I lovingly call Black & White, we see different combinations of the primary colors to capture beauty even the modernest of gadgets would take an eternity to capture.

The one thing those devices would never be able to do is “Feel” , nd that is the dimension that non-living things would never comprehend or enjoy.

When we talk bout feelings, what is the first thing that comes to the limelight.?! Not wot we are experiencing right now, but I'm talking bout the purity with which we looked at that fan swiveling above us not realizing that this would be sumthing that would provide oxygen & carbon dioxide at the same time.

The Rainbows remind me of one thing “VIBGYOR”..not the colors but “Vision In Big Gigs Yearn Olden Realms”...putting it simply.. the present dwells on the past & most of us cherish them.

In the original I again spawned upon the emotions ranging from when you do sumthing childishly immoral to when your folks promise to get you chocolate later that evening.

It goes through a cycle where you probably get a pencil from a friend of yours at school,claim its been”given to you forever” when questioned by ur folks, advised never to do it again...shouting back..scolded at..still shouting back..grounded...still shouting back..a warning with a cane(which your innocence perceives as “Wouldn't be”)...still shouting back..cane falling..shouting transforming within split milliseconds to tears, not crying to show you are macho...a cold look...burst into tears..not minding..howl loudly...still not minding,....howl louder (a cry the neighbors would call the 100 because Folks give in...the hurt puppy look...folks feel bad....the smile(cute lil innocent devil)...folks ask you “never to do it again...its wrong”...Saying “yes”...Folks turning around...Running behind them showing your sorry face...chocolate closed.

The above was a single little situation I think I loved to play & learnt a lot too. I loved the “Love”...te “Glory”..the “Experience”..the “warmth”...the “Discovery”... Rather the “Lesson Learnt”. This woz a situation I had summarized into two lines(A sentence to be precise) in the
All the small lil perfect moments in life teach you so much, just that its a lot later that v realize.

To be contd.....

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Organizing Techno..!!

Technology tends to slow the human pace
Trampling the right chin of the human face

Pleasing natures & the dark side come together
Placing priorities to solve the puzzle a task

Organizations play the employees tune some
Orifices leave the emotions mixed still others

Maybe the processes stall to think too many
Misty seems the path to take but hope floats

Diligently the heart & soul commit to completion
Dillusion would be the talk of the town

Commendable effort say the peers within
Clambering to survive blares the motto to begin with

Ajay Padattil


Words fall short to describe this homosapien
“Wit” would mark the begin of this saga

Take life as it comes would intermediate
Twist faith to two sides would indicate trust

Longing to achieve nirvana screams every step
Lasting spirits would still e a half crime

More lovely tropical forest to life's witnesses
Maximum utilization of the digital world

Nothing stops at just the begin for this man
Nimble hopes would take him through the journey

Enthusiasm to laugh his lungs out wouldn't deny
“No!!” & “Sshh !!” to explore this path bright.!!

Ajay Padattil