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Monday, 30 November 2009

This is to meeee..!!

Would I start with uh or Ahem.?!
Would I start with yes or yeah?!

Shall I portray a blast of jeopardy?!
Shall I portray a slingshot of doubtfully.?!

Difference of lasting similes I would say
Difference of lasting flames you would deny

Limitless stamps of distant dreams should shout
Limitless stamps of time dint bray too much about.!!

Lot of hopes to fulfill & can't I.?!
Lot of hopes to sacrifice & will I.!?

This could possibly be the deepest I have written
This could possibly trip or swing my way!!

Ajay Padattil

Monday, 23 November 2009

Inspiration.. A myth ?!

There are many instances when a homosapien gets ideas, a trail of thoughts, reality strikes back, dream bubble, millions of ions passing an unbelievable amount of adrenaline right through his/her right cerebrum . When is it that he/she realizes it is an inspiration.?!

It, as I said, comes through at different walks of life. Probably when you have a cup of coffee, you wonder as to why can't you just create another helping hand which would save you the trouble.... Viola!! The coffee machine was the result of an inspiration.

Having & Making an inspiration, the word, are two different ends of the same coin.

One end(side) of the coin I'd like to term as an “IDEA”, “ BRAINWAVE” etc.. I've heard “etc” is just a way of portraying you know more than that but actually run outta nevertheless.. An idea is something that you feel outta the blue which could have no connection to what you are currently performing(action) or uttering(speaking).

The other end(side) of the coin I'd like to term as “ TIDARATION”.. Wondering what that word it?! Dat's just my idea taking shape of a tiny collection of alphabets put together randomly o form a symbol of “ Language”. This voyage I would term as an Inspiration.

“ TIDARATION” would encompass the journey from an idea to begin with, all the way to an inspiration, culminating in “ your perception”.. Still confused.??! My definition of “TIDARATION” would plainly be put as “ Take the IDea And make it an inspiRATION !”.

An idea is just the soul of the whole process, the chromosome, the atom. Inspiration is the binding force, the nervous system, the nuclear +ve & -ve. TIADRATION is the physical self, the molecule.

An idea is to you as a pair of Reebok sneakers is to a Sanyasi or Saint. An inspiration would be the path you lead. TIDARATION would reach you to the zenith of your idea becoming a reality as it is to the sanyasi attaining his GOD or Nirvana or Moksh or Deliverance as you may please.

If your idea does benefit another living or non-living entity, don't bury it under the soil waiting for it to sprout someday. Water it, feed it, nurture never know, it probably would bear fruit one day changing the lives of a million souls ( I consider everything has a soul(living & non-living))!!

There are very few times a human being actually gets inspired or witnesses another soul's inspiration which actually gets you down to doing something you wanna do run away from it under the pretense of lack of time.

I'd say, chase your dreams( spelt I-D-E-A), live your dreams( spelt I-N-S-P-I-R-A-T-I-O-N), Inspire(spelt T-I-D-A-R-A-T-I-O-N) coz you never know what comes next.!!

If you are wondering what inspired me to smear this page with my ink.. I met inspiration on a bus.!

A coincidence, destiny, fate, Result of a trail of actions.. call it whatever you'd be inspired to call it.. But alighting a bus at the very last moment, an exchange of language( not this one), a gud homosapien, culminated in this early morning

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Somehow SMilar..!!

Snapping at the smallest of differences
Smilin at the snappiest of slopiness

Swiftly as I would smiliest of laundering
Sincerely as I would dare swiftness of time

Slantly I would but sincerliest of admit
Slyly I would detour the slantiest of similes

Standing up to the slyliest of similarities
Scorn the mightiest, standiest to tryst

Silliest of linearity but scorniest of inspirations
Saline to the core but the silliest survive

Salvation would tone the salinity of dreams
Silt would solve the salviest of mysteries

Skipping right to the siltest of reality
Smiling would skip the truth of fatality..!

Ajay Padattil

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Blue Liqueur..!!

And the story goes as comprehensible as it can get. This could be probably the only time I can actually understand my own handwriting. No weird ideas, fantasies, situations my human brain can think of today. Probably just the amount i.e. the right amount of everything that inspired my pen to take these notes down.

Today actually felt like the first day at work. Probably Monday blues ( I wouldn't restrict it to the morning). One of those days you actually work a wee too bit towards the end & buy yourself a drink which you totally deserve..but just the right amount ..hehe

I was walking down the memory lane a s soon as I left my empty glass of spirit staring at the cubes of ice & the lemon that adorned the evening.

The wind was just so damn pretty sweet tonite, one of those situations when you actually think Mr./Ms Supernatural force actually asked you what you want & gave it to you.

People say good times are meant to end..but through my eyes, they just leave you with spine tingling memories that you would give up anything in the world for.

This whole write-up is getting too damn philosophical ( as one of my compadres would And there are times I can go on writing about the absolutely crappiest topics knowing not where to slam my brakes.

This was one of those days that a human being would love to be in everyday of its life. And as usual I end up writing everything but the thing I intended to.

Started off with a hello to Mr/Ms Supernatural followed by real nostalgic memories of the batter & coconut at home. This did definitely end up with a prank leavin the victim with mixed up feelings first thing in the with open eyes though the sight of the restroom would've been much more

A day of virtual escapades where I grimly tried to inspire a potential nobel prize Laurette to screwin around with karate chops & a feather massage.. Marching up and down with a bearded disturbing a busy lady. Listening to what Merlin had to staring at my empty lemon. Meeting an age old walking right back home wid the wind caressing my un-haired head... I guess today was eventful to put it real sober.

I was actually trotting around the office with my shirt buttoned up for one whole day not realising how time slipped right through. Wet myself in the rain, not regretting one bit. Looked at the weather outside...pulling on that stupid stick of mine, paper to say the least. Every moment today just felt like I' d traveled back in time...not too many light years

And as always, I actually have the TV on, a writing pad...a pen..wondering what an “Audit trail” is..thinking of my next stick..not worried bout how tomorrow sounds..thinking of writin a song but born lazy..loving every sound of that cracker, the visuals of which weren't visible, the shack, the Tiger.

But I'd definitely bow down to the Orange, Peche / Peach & the Curacao blue..!!

Ajay Padattil

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Bidding Adieu.!!

Lastly but not ghastly I'd summarize
Little Joys wouldnt too draftize

Laughin dreams wouldnt now dramatize
Label now & I wouldnt be surprised

Listless buckets of dreams & still to galvanize
Limitless words & frozen to this might

Loveless janitory & stiffness wouldnt shine
Lambda is just another sign of virosity

Lord O Lord forgive me for this sight
Lint & lent, the difference I'd come by

Leaving times goin by would be a misery
Longing signs & by times would be a cacophony

Random words put together from a dictionary
Sounds Insane & I would sign a symphony..!!

Ajay Padattil