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Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Now thats a word iv been toying around since this evening. I dont even know wot this word means,probably the first thing I'm writin with this pen of mine when I pray my soulmates reached home jus fine & he aint sleepin on a “paya” made of pure straw. Now the straw is drawn from pure “pullu” tied together to form a smooth & shallow bedspread, which satin would be too shy to talk bout.

Deviating and coming back to the topic I talked about,getting judgmental isnt a sin,but it kinda affects a human being in a way that it isnt supposed to. It sumhow evokes the conscious self, buried deep within the human & prompts him/her to act as the situation demands.

Listening to the tunes of life would still breathe too much of sarcasm yea..?! When a living being realizes you're being watched, he/she kinda acts accordingly breaching the true essence of individuality. The human is too shy to explore the kid in oneself. By kid, I mean the child,the youth, the freedom,the innocence. If one does feel this within him/her , I guess the world would be a much happier place to stay in.

Let music be a part of it. Let hopes be the soul of it. Let rhythm be the grammatical error (after all who wouldnt love a dance.?!). Let go & let live. Too many 'I's' in the whole leaflet yea.?!

I actually asked a friend of mine to reiterate this word “Judgmental” to me in the evening as I was watchin a movie for the second time. I have absolutely no idea why I'd asked him to remind me of that but one scene stuck to my head & there was only one thing I could think of, and you are reading the ill effects of my memory...hehheh!

Trivial sounds this word,sickening as people say. But the question is how many of us try to stay neutral but get judgmental at one point in life.? Judging a person keeping his/her good qualities as a benchmark seems fruitful,questioning his/her weaknesses & trampling the very essence of existence aint an honour. Look at the strengths of another human being. Absorb or at least trying wouldnt cost your sould. But harping on the weaknesses & tapping it to your advantage (Some people call it POLITICS) wouldn't serve the purpose of life called satisfaction. Short lived triumphs would be a guest in your closet but your wardrobe wouldt consist of only monochromes.

“You did this coz you are built this way” would sound a bugle or ring a bell just coz the person in question doesn't feel the same. A person probably would lay down his/her sword someday & say its enough only when he/she wouldn't breach the code of liveliness & surrender to pessimism.

Laughter is a challenge,but aint it satisfactory to an extent where “laugh” & “there” collide.?!Learn to laugh at yourself & try to narrow the gap between “You“ & “I”. A publicity stunt.?! Probably!! heheheheh...(It was easier to type that online) , but realize that it aint too difficult to smile.!

Totally deviated from judgmental. But id like to say jus one small lil insignificant piece of literature that would make zilch sense to the normal human medulla oblongatta.

“Try looking within yourself. Laugh at yourself & how many times would you think about laughin at others.?!”
Ajay Padattil

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