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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And Shall I..!!

I was actually thinkin about writin sumthing which would start of as “ Me: I'm Aju.. How u doin today. Mr/Mrs/Ms/ Kumari X: Me doin okie, hope u alrite!”.But then again I guess life isnt too damn complicated to actually script it yea? Jus Wondering if angels & demons exist. Weird Concept, but I guess I can live with the wierdest of stuff you can imagine. Looking at life with my kinda perspective...I guess life is definitely a journey.. People say the world is definitely a small place & spherical oblate too... the earth.!! People come and people go.... Looking back at that official folder that I hold as a folder in my official mail called “ Bidding Adieu” , I would say yes to the fact that life & earth both could be classified as spherical oblate. Askin me for the definition of that word would be an absolute waste of time,coz even I wouldnt be able to summarize it in jus a few pages.

Speakin bout spherical oblate, a sphere would just put me in front of that very diameter that we were speakin bout earlier...or were we.?! To be frank I do not know what oblate exactly means coz sumbody told me it means flattened at the ends which makes no sense absolutely

Angels do exist on earth as well,aint a myth would be more philosophical. The way you look at life defines both of em, Angels & Demons were the two classifications yea.?! How bout a hybrid called “ Angemons”.? Sounds wiered.?!?! It would coz I'm gonna call em “Humans”... Digestion woz sumthing that scientists gave 4 hrs to.! Now Angemons are sumthing that are definitely mortal to speak the least. Imagine if there woz only “good” in a person...Wouldnt life be too boring to live only with perfection.?!? If there is a tinge of “Sin” or the Dark Side, Life would be so much better as long as you don't end up sticking to the “emons”

I guess I aint makin ne sense drabbing on this effect yea.?!.. I was actually thinkin of getting sum good music but the sinner in me woulod stop at sumthing which would be clear. Yep ..its the same ol notepad & the pen (black) which you would never find.

I was jus wondering how livin on mas would feel like..! You'v got a friend whos got 4 arms & 6 feet (Sans Hollywood portrayal ..Coz dey show this guy with a huge green head & distorted He would be a much better “Human” tan we all were designed to be. Aaaah I guess this whole thing is getting too philsophical huh... (Hurrah! I got that spelling right)...

But if there were Angemons, they've actually got the wings & the spirit to commit a non-grave sin & get away with it : The perfect blend of Mischief.. would kinda summarize em yes?!. Shall I say this ink is killing me mor the essence of this entire nite inspiring me to live on.?!? too many questions in this prose , or shall I say an epithet which which kinda extended itself to the extent of sounding like random thoughts ,senseless

A place on earth where you've got two Angemons listening to each other,placing one before the other,trusting one another, believing in one another,kicking the others butt widout a logical endpoint,loving one another,plannin on panning but end up livin life fot the moment, trading beliefs, “ Looking for more.?!”.... Got u on the last one.... Naa!? Then i'd say God bless and Cheers! (In all

Ajay Padattil


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