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Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Picteresque drapes flow smooth & shine
Stifled dreams still burrow deep inside

The kingdom of happiness yet so near
The feeling of insanity sounds pretty clear

A gist of this epic brings with it shallowness
The dreamy winds against cloud differ

So close but yet so near sounds contradictory
Brief conversations light up one & near

A cup of coffee & nicotine believe harmful to sigh
Drifting hallucinations aint whistling clear

Life as a whoile seems real unclear
Right as these words held distinctly near.

Ajay Padattil

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Freeze this thing aint the past
Stop these hollow souls from burning

Politics seems to creep into the universe
Lasting experiences shared seem to divulge

Secrecy & Celebacy aint seeming too bright
Calamities of burrowed glasses too sweet

Stand up to the blasting fleet of birds
Calmness in the fire sounds too sweet

Dreary blossoms scare the very existence
Clearly speaking could be the very essence

Production of stiffness troubling mankind
Keep Walking & High sounds Perfect!!

Ajay Padattil