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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

So Far!

Fathoms of sand to burrow in line
Millions of seethin worms to pass by

A Trail of breeze whizzin by this time
Crazy wilderness sing the tunes of denial

Frost clingin on to the Vehicles still dry
Heat simmering from the Ice cream meltin sly

Tempers risin high and storms begin to grieve
Mankind still believes the hands of the unknown

A miracle is what every being expects at least
Bathe in the glory of this world one day I will

As you sow so shall you SLEEP
Here beneath the sil I shall creep
As you sow so shall you SLEEP
A gust of wind my knees too steep
As you sow so shall you SLEEP
Brace in time and I am too Deep

Aint the end of the world as we know it today
A day shall come when we shall be free.

Hastened footsteps hinder the human brain
Mindless hearts foray into the world of pain

Fleeting by are the sins of glory
Blastin past are the tunes of war

This pace aint getting this man too far
Stop By and a glance at wot vve done so FAR!
Ajay Padattil

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