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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Shadows of Life!

The shadows of life come in line with the stream of light. To this day I still wonder why there isn’t a single damn organism in this world which would like to breathe free. This reminds me of the age old script from the movie I once watched… “The Matrix”. There was a lot of truth revealed in this movie which was entirely fictional. The entire concept of the movie revolved around a person in our world trying to discover the actual purpose for which he was created. Creation is something that is made out of an already existing entity, either a wholly new composition or a blend of the best of multiple entities. Thus this holds true for every organism that walks, crawls, flies this earth. It all started, as my ancestors who walked this earth before me would say, with the BIG BANG. The whole universe was one at that particular point in time. And the BIG BANG divided the universe into smaller but efficient pieces composed of the very same material that it was initially made of. These elements found their comfort zone in different parts of the universe and settled in places that we know as galaxies right now. I might not be a scientist to actually talk about the intricate details about scientifically and politically perfect stuff, but I do know that even the non living organisms (Not Things), as I would like to call them, found a comfort zone for themselves in the very same mother nature as we live and breed in during the present day. Coming back to the point, the movie talks about a journey of this man born a human into a dream world where everything seems to be perfect (Life as we see it today), but feels there is a missing element somewhere. This missing element could actually hold the key for humans to distinguish between the dream bubble that they would like to live in and the harsh reality that they would like to ignore. This man further goes ahead and digs deep into the rabbit hole to actually know what life has in store for him. He is then contacted by a certain voice, a man who calls himself Morpheus. Morpheus is introduced as a guiding star, a voice who would guide Mr. Neo into the land unknown to neo but is the actual epitome of harsh reality as he would have it. The Universe as we know it did end up in a comfort zone, but these weren’t just random points in space. Each of these elements that broke away from the initial Mother Ball was definitely guided by a voice like Morpheus giving them choices as to RED PILL or the BLUE PILL. The Red Pill and Blue pill are used in the movie as paths to either the harsh reality or to go back to sleep and live the dream bubble. The Elements would have definitely had a predefined path to where they exist as we know them today. Planets, Galaxies, and all the other bodies that we know of do have predefined co-ordinates in space against their names. Neo decided that reality would be his baby & chose the red pill and he was transported into a land of shambles where humans were being enslaved by machines for the purpose of their survival and domination of humans. He was faced with a huge task of saving the very last human planet alive named Xion. The reality of human life also belongs to the machines as we would know of it probably 15 yrs down the lane. In fact these times too, I cant think of a human who could imagine life without a motor, a Television , A Computer, the Internet a other machines to name a few. These machines have become an integrated part of the very living essence of mankind today. “Mechanically yours” seems to be the cry of this race of humans. These machines seem to have taken away the basic connection that a human felt for a fellow human being. People seem to have been drawn apart by the very thing that he was proud for a few years back. The movie goes on to talk about how Neo has to make more choices along the way and in the end he saves Xion(The last Human Planet) by sacrificing himself for the same. Humans should work towards saving the last planet, In fact the only planet that we have today so that we wouldn’t have to face the same situation as Mr Neo did in the end. We should look into matters of Peace and also stop the depletion of the environment as we do today. The BIG BANG happened for a reason, Earth was born on that day. We should hand over the planet to our future generations as beautifully as we received it. Give and take respect should be the call of the hour. In these days humans have forgotten the basic necessities of life namely food, shelter & clothing. Luxuries seem to have taken over all of these basic needs of humans. The greed for power has blinded man from realizing the truth from a dream. The greed for land leaves many men homeless and starved to death. What happened to the fulfillment of these basic necessities for humans I ASK.!? Humans should regain that love, peace & humanity that did exist not very long back. Where have we made a mistake? Why has all these been forgotten.?!
I would like to end this on a sweet note. Citing something from a movie called “Evan Almighty”.
God Comes down and asks Mr. Evan (Who wants to make the world a better Place) to Build an ARK. Mr. Evan resists initially but things happen and in the end he is a real old man when he finishes building the ARK. After he saves the world, He asks god as to why he asked him to build an ARK and how is this helping to make the world a better place. And then God Says
“A RANDOM act of KIDNESS” is what the ARK symbolizes and it does make the world a better place.
Thus I would ask every human to show jus a Random act of kindness and the world be a much better place to live in.!


  1. Outstanding debut!!!!!
    dis reminds me of man dreaming of dreams..n my lil part of kindness wud be to walk out short distances rather than contributing to more smog cuming out frm tailpipes...!;)

  2. Bhai iska Hindi ya Marathi Version bhej na

  3. My God.. Brilliant & Unbelievable work.