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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Placid Dreams!

A life of distant dreams to go past and whistle
Simplicity of these human souls to battle with

Crazy sounds the bristle of this life and beyond
Monochrome says the inspiration of illusions

Vivid glory beneath this scarred rainbow
Science wouldn’t be held a blessing in disguise

Scattered masts held high up the horizon nevertheless
Mastering the waves gushing past with fishes to sing still

Oscillations of the time run backwards I wish
When dreams would start at square one and never seem to end

Dats the world I would wish for but a Bedouin
Nomadic adrenaline never seem to drink its thirst

Pulses racing by and the heart thumps to a halt
Pleased to be here and nine more to Live!

Ajay Padattil

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