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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Running fast from this disjunct life of solidarity
Sense creeping slowly into this blast of reality

Long gone were the brays of this sad giving
Living for myself was a past of these bells ringing

Progressed with this life say yet so many
Dreams to fly & travel &for forgiving

No man would tread past these goals unseen
Forage into the blissful future & Land foretold

Drafting the sun with a Angle of technology
Drifting slowly were the humans with a will to immortality

Why is this negativity in life treated with this trajectory?!
The lines get longer but the nite tells the same ol story

Comprehension was ever so bad for these souls so blind
Comprehending the past were ever so difficult for these humans

Look ahead into the reality untold & so foretold
Nostradamus was shunned as an idiot & burnt blindfold

As I plead to the world so thrust into the darkness
Look ahead & please the humanity but I still remain fourfold.

Ajay Padattil

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