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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Feeling of this world whizzing by
Swelling of the stench swifting sly

Blast from the past is a thing of the future
Living life to the fullest is the need of the present

Loving the ocean aint reflecting the blue in the sky
Living the moment aint replacing the feeling of heaven

Pricey people swarm alarmingly with time
Choosy birds fly swiftly with Sense & Pride

Too long it has been havin a true ball of a time
Furlongs away this still looks but divine

Fried & Toasted brings the dead back to life
Love & Below brings joy into the sight

Standing tall & benign and yet so canine
Breathing full of great words play this wisdom

Questions of this time aint too relevant
Answers of the future aint worth the thought

Denial of this world & beyond so strong
We are humans too, forget & be wrong..!!

Ajay Padattil

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