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Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Redemption..!!

The days when you hear a familiar voice
The feeling you have when there’s liveliness

The joy of another day to live as you breathe
The happiness of the world when they see you speak

The system of the pulse that would beat on
The swift prism of life that splits the light

The shift of a paradigm that defines the staff
The flick of the lips that would curve a smile

The blistering beats of this day strolls by
The beating moments of my arteries scream lucky

The lord of the various realms scream oxygen
The di-oxides strive to live another day

The redemption of a lot of lives below this day
The second of many tyres deserve a pit-stop

The stroke of luck doesn’t favour the many
The mass of those who tries another time!!

Ajay Padattil

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