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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Re-Generate..!!A Tribute..

A decade ago or from now the human race must see
A dream of sorts so fulfillin and drastic we’d foresee

Today as I watched an epic unfold to its end
Today as I sadly watched an era pass beyond

Of late I’ve heard many a human speak the purpose
Of late a lot of prescriptions point to love

Many a name the world shall call love as
Many facets of life we would all begin that as

As I watched one of my immortals bleed away
As I listened to one of my voices without an after-credit

There should be a second chance to many a one
There should be a sacred day to spark things on

Lasting glories of the world would still be a stronghold
Lasting glories of this day would still beer a smile

Immortality was a myth & the voice of that galaxy
Re-generate.. was possible & so is humanity!

Ajay Padattil
12/03/2017.. J.H.Logan

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