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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Monster!!

All of us would deny the one fact
All of us should be that perfect soul

All of this may be the instances someday
All of this should be a living distance

All of us were there on a day but today
All of us should talk a pieces so true

All of the stamps would define a mystery
All of the sweeps would draw a half mine

All those descents would probably be an empire
All of those should hold a human to one

All we would hold to us is love
All we may consider is humanity to be is wow

All the things I'd ever portrayed was me
All the should be & smiles was the key

All the keys to this life was simple
All the small things we should were done

All the holding staff's were too sharp
All we should were look at we & believe

All the tries&wow was a stiff struggle
All those laments would be so subtle

All the ones of mayhems should think
All the would's still today surprise me

All the demons & lasting loveliness define
All the should would so enticingly speak

All this life this time & beyond
All this life did so talk to us

All that mistake that humans perform
All this was to kick that sorry monster!!

Ajay Padattil