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Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Monster!!

All of us would deny the one fact
All of us should be that perfect soul

All of this may be the instances someday
All of this should be a living distance

All of us were there on a day but today
All of us should talk a pieces so true

All of the stamps would define a mystery
All of the sweeps would draw a half mine

All those descents would probably be an empire
All of those should hold a human to one

All we would hold to us is love
All we may consider is humanity to be is wow

All the things I'd ever portrayed was me
All the should be & smiles was the key

All the keys to this life was simple
All the small things we should were done

All the holding staff's were too sharp
All we should were look at we & believe

All the tries&wow was a stiff struggle
All those laments would be so subtle

All the ones of mayhems should think
All the would's still today surprise me

All the demons & lasting loveliness define
All the should would so enticingly speak

All this life this time & beyond
All this life did so talk to us

All that mistake that humans perform
All this was to kick that sorry monster!!

Ajay Padattil

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Maybe a revelation!!

As I watch artists from different realms
As I watch a day of the information dreams

The facets of today still a dream
The facets of tomorrow is a brilliance stream

The simplicity of movies made out there still
The simplicity of movies streaming so free

The freedom of emotions & expressions would be
The freedom of the past haunting minds nimble

The purest thoughts on a subcontinent mind
The lamest symphony would be still a thought

The fear of how, why & when still haunt a gem
The fear of who, still & should I!! still persist within

The alpha would doubt to ask a delta today
The gamma still is worried if my rays didn’t work??

And there are free minds bestowed within this
And there are beads of humanity still questioning

Tell me who is this that defined a society
Tell me who would we be, thinkin a pool of humans

This would still be a guided hastily
This would be an essence humanly tolerant

There should be a free spirit so we’d listen
There should be a happiness we’d see today

As a friend said: teach a child to think, not what
As a friend foretold: teach a child to think, how to

I’d watch the theatre, did realize the difference
I’d hear the theatre, felt the similarities

Talent is not the deficit key we suppress
Thought is, Past was, Think free, maybe we would

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Love Will keep us alive..!!

Would be a name & title so familiar today
Would be a feeling so common but rare

While the vast horizons of the new seem yum
While the forays of the little today beats mum

Whistling as the old song spells our worries away
Whistling bows my stories so lovingly & my

We would always be the human heart wandering
We would always be the sunlight of another moon

Wasting the times that we still have ahead
Wasting the thoughts on something so hard today

When I as a person falter to think straight
When I as a person know you’d be me today

Wow & I would still foresee blue skies tomorrow
Wow & I know the black ocean shall pass by

Warm as the earth would begin to come to
Warm as our sights of the volcano so calm

Whiff!! Is there a wind that should caress me
Whiff!! That sweet whistle of yesterday is my life

Whilst along the way in the past you’d falter
Whilst I’d say I’m done, I know I’m you & U’r me

Whole of this realm & beyond would work now
Whole of the sweetness seems the easier choice

Who on your side or yours is the step you’d call
Who you’d be is your karma & rationale

When the world that yours was still is so strong
When the hold matters to me & you to me the most

Who should strive to hold you when you’re lost
Who would be through & cares for what you care the most

That I’d quantify.. Love will keep us alive!!

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 11 October 2015 me!!!

List two things that humans wanted ever
List two things that seamless borders would carry

Lasting beliefs still would hold this feeling
Lasting histories would still be so lasting

Life as a teacher would still have a word
Life as a groomer is much more to forward

Leaving secrecies would be a different me
Leaving futures would be an undescribable us

Lest we forget the day that stands as today
Lest we curse this gift that we call now

Lanes we would cross to so feel good
Lanes we would not overtake to feel human

Listening to words buzzing so deep within
Listening to that one labyrinth so stiffen

Liberal would be another realm of consciousness
Liberal would be a thing humans escape this

Last & loved would be two different emptions
Lost& held would be a humans desired presents

Living in the today still seems so hard
Living in the tomorrow is a truth but loud

Lasting loveliness would still be so cool
Lasting today but tomorrow loveliness gives

Ladles of hope does these eyes bring today
Ladles of skim does today promise & bright

Limp sounds the smiles of the race today
Limp sounds these bright steps of tomorrow ahead

Loving the thought of my VILLAIN goin with
Live this one & you’d be the human

& Simply putting it
As our dad’s would say
Enthayalum Nananju..
Ini Kullichu Kerriko!! :)

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 13 September 2015


Maybe me at 4 I remember god & him
Maybe me at 33 I remember him

Me & love would still be an living actor
Me &love would still be this humans life

Minor nuances would still classify a legend
Minor scenes would still define a human

Master of this world & galaxies beyond
Master of this realm & gasping we’d pawn

Man, is he the definition of true class
Man, is he the blessing of this glass

Maiden, may still be a term so lovely
Maiden, would still be a lament bliss

Mainly, Lalettan would be this day
Mostly, Lalettan is the word & that’s that!!

Ajay Padattil


Saturday, 9 May 2015

NH to MW..!!

Let me take this day to invite us!!
The bananas is what we call ourselves

To Sophisticate it we are the Kelas
To simply put this we are invincible

We had our times & they legendary
We had us & legend would’ve said now

We had a darling who’d swear by cars
We had a darling who’d swear by red love

We had a darling creatively social & now
We had a darling so comically true & full of heart

We had a darling who could be just a darling
We had a darling who would be a chance!!( )

We had a darling who would be rhythm
We had a darling who would be the wisdom tree of stylista!!

We had a darling living jackson’s dream & how
We had a darling who’d be the king of the rocking chair Punjabi & So!
We had a darling so crocodile & cute
We had a darling strumming so cool but true

We had an SBP we all would still wonder when we started out & called ‘MAmA’ so fondly.. wonder where he’s lost now..hehehhe

We had a darling garu as we’d call.. ooh so ‘Touching(s)’ but so full of

Be it the beautiful walk from the wisdom tree to the jail gates

Be it the beautiful walk from the bust stop to the gate behind when denied..

Be it the Tapri on the right side where those Rotis with Bhurji’s were nothing short of heaven

Be it the Mela on the left where a falooda would’ve defined our existence with just “ Ek Choti”.. lol

Be it one ride to Andhra Mess to have just one whiff o dat Fried piece biryani that afternoon

Be it one life that would still touch all of us there just one more time & that should be once

We did have that one instance where we knew us & we would always be Us!

We did hav that one instance where we looked at each other& we knew we were one & the force was strong within

We did have that one instance when we raised that toast & we meant it!

We did have that one instance when we drove like mad fucks but we knew we had darlings to take care of

We did have that one instance where we thought seafood is us.. but oooh..seafood was still

We had that one instance… We were US!!!

Blown that we were always
Blown that we should be always

Blown together was our philosophies
Blown together was just us

Blown today & forever is foreseen
Blown yesterday but now is a gift

Blown after a walk to have a puff
Blown after a km to have a drag

Blown that day sounded cool
Blown that day instills us today

Blown if we weren’t than ever
Blown we’d never’ve realized now

Blown today too we’d proudly say
Blown when you see newer perspective’s..Not bad eh!! Lol

We did have our times forever
We did have the diversities so cool

We did have so much of the forbidden
We did have so much of the apple

We did have this one thing that we were
We did have this sure thing that we are one

We did have a beat one too many
We did have a heart people would deny

We did foresee that distance could be us
We did foresee a time bound by us

We could’ve strained away someday
We could’ve skimmed just like that

But from Nakoda Heaven to Mahindra Woods…
We R Us!!!

Ajay Padattil


Saturday, 25 April 2015

Us!!..To An Extent..HaHaHaal!!

Now.. Now.. Now.. that’s what most people talk about..

What is now?? What could be now?? What should have been now?? That is something people never would understand..

Fiction.. Fact.. Undecipherable … These were just words..

Fiction could be cute to write

Fact could be hard to write

Undecipherable.. Is just random.. lol..

The start could probably be as far as my imagination goes..

Humidity.. hot breeze.. the perfect souls…perfect.. we were far from!!

I walked in.. as somebody would still today recollect.. a jhola( slingbag across the shoulder ).. spikes (hairstyle mein..probably).. Loose stride(damn life was probably not too serious then..!!).. mixed up colours & a happy life ahead.. that could’ve been how a perception would differ today..damn..just one stupid guy walking into the unknown would’ve summarized all the above.. -> Enter

Beautiful people.. Beautiful Stories.. Beautiful Sounds.. Beautiful Happiness.. Beautiful Cacophonies(mine).. Beautiful experiences.. Beautiful People..

Dunno if it is actually the coffee then or the nice time then or it was just the people.. I think it was the latter..Bad way to define but yea they were the gems..!!

There was the queen when I walked in.. head so high.. ooh!! And the knees(two of dem) would be weak enough to handle these lives forbidden.

There was this sweetheart.. who wid one look probably be the best life that you’d ever forget but live.

There is my hero..

And was me who said.. this is life & we’d live the way we should & the three above just lived for me so good… that I actually just had to swing!!

And there was one more man.. he was the mature bum of us all I suppose.. the only scene was.. he jus disappeared.. jus like dat.. Poof!! Poof!! Without an.. “Open Sesame” code!!

Get him back to us..May i.. May Bhopu.. May flu.. May thags..

Macha was his name.. Shark Tooth Mango was his game.

How’d we all start.. this is a story in itself.. coz that woz one heck of a mainstream but still.. as someone close to my heart would call it..random words from a dictionary.. lol..

Extremes!! That would actually be an understatement to what we could define how each of us was… like actually.!!!

Bhopuu.. A sweetheart to the core.. An adventure waiting to escape but tied into those justifications life had to offer but.. that is my gal.!!

Thags.. The man who would give up this world & beyond for the gang he loves & this world would be minimal to the love this man can bestow upon anyone that’d pass his radar of care!!

Flu!! She’d kill me if I don’t speak on a cool note.. Ma’am thinks she’s all mature & stuff but there’s this baby in her that’d probably go places( maybe would’ve already been there! but yea still would..

Writing a story is too damn difficult..Yea!! Life could always be a story..A good one though.

We all do strive for a happy ending yea..

But I guess we never really work towards it do we..coz work woz never happy?? We always were…lol.!!!

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 25 January 2015


The reflection a human sees when looking in the mirror
The retrospective a human sees when he looks back

Mystery still is this work of this world by whom
Mystery could be the very worth of this life forever

Love unscathed, circumstances can suck an egg
Love unfathomable, this word is the very pious!!

Tears seem simple & they’d still smile deep
Tears speak just once word & a kid would smile

Dreams & that’s once upon a time for them
Dreams & the hope that we are the once upon a time

Laughter was when we took our first step & smiled
Laughter was when we passed & winked!!

They never wore a helmet when we poked
We should never wear one too.. would we??

Ajay Padattil


Sunday, 11 January 2015

My Hero..!!

My hero had the smile that could split the skies
My hero had the anger that could split the earth

My hero would stare once & I’d be gone
My hero would stare once & I’d still try

My hero would bite that tongue & we would hide
My hero would bite that tongue & we would puppy face

My hero would have a cane & we deserved dat
My hero would have a cane & my darling would defend

My hero & us goin out, we’d say leave your love
My hero & us goin out , his love’d take us along

My hero & his love would live forever
My hero & is love would still stop us forever

My hero would have the calmest of smiles on us
My hero would have the cheesiest of smiles for us

My hero would turn a head to tails for us
My hero would sacrifice a bitter sweetness for our sourness

My hero is invisible & so true
My hero & his love are just unfathomable

Ajay Padattil



A Long lasting sight would be too uncertain
A lasting stare would be a mystery

A long meal so timeless at an airport
A grey hair so grown on both sides timeless

That would be an inspiration to start on
That would be my life to you & still on

This day would still yearn to live on
This love would still startle as how

Looking at you just once would suffice
Looking at life staring would be a surprise

Lasting effervescences would linger quite a bit
Lasting life this way would light our way

Wow & I realize the value so differently
Wow& I realize we as humans have just one

We would always look for that one reason
We would always run behind dat one soulful dream
We as humans would have one life
We as humans decide where we have one!!

Ajay Padattil