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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The One's I Love..!!

Probably after a million years gone by
Probably a life of evils & times flown by

Pristine dreams of a lifetime would be too small
Pristine hallucinations & paranoia is still distant

Philosophies about three stars on a mountain is simmering
Philosophies about happily ever after would still be a dream

Past is the key to the future or is it??
Past is probably just one small thing to forgive

Proving things aren’t something you’d do to a loved one
Proving theories were absolutely for scientists not humans

Pranks played were always something for my love
Pranks to something you’d listen for a life is humour unsustained

Priliferous is something I just invented now
Priliferous is Me+ Ferrous ( Iron I’d read in Chemistry)

Pray we never ever live out this absolute miracle
Pray we never have to beat ourselves to this note

Screw the ‘P’ that’s daring us to do this sin
Love & Live happily ever after was never a myth!!

Ajay Padattil