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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

View This..!!

Listing things that most humans would look scornfully at i.e. hate, loyalty, weakness, caste, money, racism, discrimination, class, emotions, bluntness etc... Aint all of this stuff purely materialistic..?! If it isnt then its human to want more. If it is... then probably its close to “ Welcome aboard”.

When I do think bout stuff like racism or discrimination for that matter, its something which would relate closely to a belief which some people would call unreal & some others would call stupidity.

Forrest Gump once said “ Stupid is as stupid does”. I never did contemplate on that dialogue or never did I stop to wonder what he would've actually meant reciting dat piece of literature.

But tonight I do realize one thing.... that piece of literature was something which would tell the world “ The thing that you are is exactly the thing that you do”... or as they say in Shakespearean Language” As you sow so shall you reap” put it more bluntly, “ If you do stupid stuff you are stupid”...” if you do idiotic stuff are an idiot”...”if you do logical never are practical”...

Well I've run outta philosophy & words coz my dictionary is kinda exhausted & like a friend of mine said “ Gimme a copy of ur dictionary & I'd probably try to figure out half of wot u wanted to say..!! lol”.

My fault “ My pen isnt runnin outta ink”..My fault “ I try to stupify stuff”... Again this is the predecessor to the state of mind I would classify as “ blanatha” but I guess the whole thing is worth it.

The sun would shine tomorrow... The moon would still borrow.. If you & I live still in sorrow... Damn this burrow... Earth is narrow... I'd still Maro.?!

Ajay Padattil