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Monday, 4 January 2010

Bygones & Silhouettes..!!

Wellness & Bright talks this year forth
A Blissful stride north would breathe now

Go ahead pull your horns & pack your stuff
Lazily tho & too good to be true

A night marred by rain but successful
Unplanned but fantabulous still a mystery

A pack of sweethearts dancing to your tunes
A dozen nicotine sticks to deny the Jizzy

Living up the next day sounds a timothy
Living spirits still sing a merry lamb

Twinkles scream the guy on the next table
Tequila scream us on this conference

A walk downtown with lights bedazzling
Porrota & Butter chicken seal the night

Mr Monk did enlighten s a bit too much
Tabs played would sink in deep & so

As my soulmate & me did dissolve these ahead
Silent shadows lurk still in the woods

Happy new year sounds 1 day after
The day to celebrate still sounds strong

The year promising a lifetime of happiness
Join me & the devil shall forgive.!!

Ajay Padattil