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Monday, 8 March 2010

The Veranda of Elite.!

I'm starting dis at d veranda of a medical trust which is scorching hot in d middle of d very summer dat every human being detests tobe a part of... does this mean v would cease 2 live.?! V jus look 4 dat one soothing breeze dat eminates 4m d one invention v would thank another bright human 4.. As I woz sittin here right from where d sun was burnin 2 d moon givin d heat a run for its money, I hav realised one thing.. d human life can change in jus a fraction of a second..4m a family whose mom sent shivers down everybodys spine durin a weddin 2 my very own blood who couldnt sleep a while ago due to a blasted tyre...and 2 me after all des yrs..still grazing d corridors of a hospital...but dis time I aint d victim..ppl say thank god its jus this much...but iv been thru dat much previously spoken of and it isnt jus dat actually kills u 2 think of all the oder fab souls dat ease ur way thru jus dat much and d troubles u put em thru. But then again u hav a shameless being lyin within u 2 xplore even newer horizons of shamelessness...nd der is another dat is willing to learn from d bitter shameless nd irresponsible being nd graduate 2 another stage that beings refer to as maturity...again 2 many levels 2 think about...2 much at dis wee hr... but at d end of d day if d balance between d 2 are made..i guess it isnt 2 bad..d shamelessness would ensure d mischief factor nd maturity would ensure d naughty living organism not goin overboard....stupid concept...but yea.. chose it, live it, reap it...CheerS!

Ajay Padattil


  1. Hey!!
    "shamelessness would ensure d mischief factor nd maturity would ensure d naughty living organism not goin overboard...." so true! liked it :)

    n chill! concept are never stupid, only ppl! :D

  2. but,, Ajay Padattil
    which day are we in??

    (delete this comment, if 15/3,,is wrong)

  3. hahahahha... yea i guess dat woz a slip of the brain the 15/03...hehehhe!!! we still in the present day....d day is as u c it tho... ;)
    Thanx for the comment moonlite...