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Thursday, 21 January 2010


Erased half of my memories I would say.
Erasing more than half of my utmost desires.
Erasing mighty 80% of fantasies I'd learn to live without.
Easing thoughts flowing through my veins right now.
A singing mystery still to conquer would be a dream too far.
Sing a tune which sounds bugles to one too many.
“ Ing “ is something we would add to most of the events that would be the present.
“ ng “ would summarize “ not given” to most of us living this time.
“ g ” pronounced in Hindi would either mean “ Yes Sir” or “ Yes Ma'am ”..hahahah!!

When we do fill our life with dreams which sound good hypothetically, we wonder “ What if.!? ” or “ If it was, nothing better !!” . And then at some points in life, we do feel that this is the time every lavish performer fulfills the luxurious dominance to the fullest. Dreams & fancies have always been something every human would love to live across.

What have humans dreamt of always remains a mystery to me. Lot of faces, Lot of characters, Lot of thoughts would speak of a totally different point in this regard.

Some would actually dream of a big house, a big car, a cute wife, a decent fortune, a flourishing career etc... Al; the points I'd talk bout in the previous sentence seems to be a common factor for all the homosapiens we know, yea?! ( The wifes could also be translated to a husband as you may please)

I still wonder bout what the penguins would do if all the glaciers in Antarctica melt on one fine day.?!

I still wonder what a squirrel would do( for that matter humans too) if the temperature blasts past 50 degrees average?!

I still wonder as to what the trees would do if there is actually an ozone hole created all over the earth?!

I still wonder, if the solar eclipse can never be witnessed again, what would happen to the sun.?!

I still wonder where a road would end without a street light to adorn it.?!

I still wonder, if 30 % of the earth is the ocean why isn't 70 % of what we see be the beaches.?

I still wonder what causes the echo in an empty room just as it sounds off a cliff.?!

All these I guess are just elements of life which ;life has no answers to, but are accepted as something that would always be designated as “ Let it happen & we'll see where it goes”

Wake up..Tip off..Save the penguins..Save the earth..Save our home...aaaaah.!! Hello!!

Ajay Padattil


  1. indulging thought Major!!!, Well expressed!!!
    "Wake up" is high time.