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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Life is Glorious ( Part III )..!!

Maybe the previously written sarcasm would be so out of tune that I myself wouldn't be able to decipher.

Waste of words would be more like it & the English language sounds like an absolute waste of energy.

This time I think it should deal with sumthing which wouldn't lose the essence of the lollipop but would still beckon with pool & billiards or snooker as you would love to call it.

Growing up wasn't too difficult a task as I would trace my 27 years back to the time I found lollipops an element of absolute bliss.

Being caught stealing words
Being caught watching porn
being caught runnin away from boring lectures
Being caught trying to smuggle a note across a lotta peers to the one gal you cared about
Being caught speakin about sumthing trivial but so damn exciting as you try acting the adolescence bur still raging on puberty
Being caught trying to extend just 5 minutes of your sleep
Being caught for merely telling your soul-mate “ I love U”
Being caught for gorging “ Pani Puris” ( Hindi for “ Gol Guppas”) & not thinkin about the sad water it was filled with
Being caught for stretching a phone line so loong ( it would reach the moon) to just listen to 5 minutes of the one thing you've waited for an entire 5 minutes
Being caught for buying an eraser which looked like a car to an eraser which looked like an

Memory lane..that would be my perception of all those incidents which you could smile at this very moment but meant the bloody world to you way back then, nd I would def like to add a “ hhahahahahaha” to summarize em.

And en route all of this you do get to hear stuff like “ I told you so”... “ You would realise only when you have kids”... You're almost there but haven't stepped across or rather crossed the “ Line of Control” ...LOC as we lovingly address to in India( Mera bharat Mahan..nevertheless)

A box of chocolates , A bouquet of flowers , A Cut out looking like a tiger with a tail, A sweet smelling candle, A birthday wish, An anniversary (puppy love, A sweet kiss, A glance, A glimpse, An “ ishara”, A wink, A mushy letter, A teddy bear, A sarcastic remark ending in a hug speaks for all ages to this date & does evoke the slightest of emotions that humans refer to as a rush of adrenaline.

Isn't life a beautiful thing which takes you through all these ages but still reminds you of one trifle fact that if you don't feel these emotions, you ain't living it at all..?!

Dint feel like stretching it tonite...hahahahhahhaah

Ajay Padattil